Manoj Puri on building trust and a solid foundation in tech | Exploring careers in tech #9

In the latest episode of "Exploring Careers in Tech," we speak with Manoj, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Absa Group. Manoj provides an in-depth look at his career progression, offering valuable insights and advice for aspiring tech professionals. Manoj's journey began after completing his computer engineering degree when he started as a C++ programmer. He quickly recognised his strength in bridging the gap between technology and business, a skill that propelled him into project management and leadership roles. His ability to translate technical concepts into business terms made him an effective leader early on. A pivotal moment in Manoj's career occurred in his late 20s when he was appointed as the CIO of the Central Depository of South Africa. This opportunity came about because the CEO believed in his potential and trusted him with significant responsibilities. Manoj emphasises the importance of having leaders who support and encourage their team members to take on bigger roles.

Published on 23 May 2024