The power of SD-WAN

As we are all replacing the old with the new, is it not time you did the same with your unreliable and legacy, slow connectivity?

Traditionally, users connected to corporate data centres to access business applications, but as our perspectives change, so does the way we access and utilise the Internet. Corporate data centres have become a thing of the past as businesses are now accessing all these applications in the cloud and directly via the Internet.

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has changed and grown exponentially to meet the rise in new business needs and market trends leveraging SD-WAN. Businesses now require increased bandwidth to support more latency-sensitive applications that in turn are more reliant on network availability and quality.

The Internet has become an integral part of every household, business and enterprise – our reliance on the Internet ever-increasing.

As a result, it has become critical for businesses to at least have a secondary, redundant Internet connection and in certain cases, a third. It is imperative if your solution is based on a combination of both voice traffic and mission-critical cloud-based business applications and in turn flowing through the Internet connection.

Due to these changes, business continuity is critical at any level. It is only achievable through having multiple last-mile connections that are delivered via different mediums and alternate providers to ensure that your business can operate and trade even under strenuous conditions.

Enterprise digital transformation initiatives will fail without fast, secure and high performing networks.

These multiple and alternate last-mile technologies need to provide similar performance requirements to guarantee that the ultimate end-user, ie, the customer waiting in a line to conclude a transaction, is not impacted due to the failure of a single service.

Network performance is affected by a variety of factors. While most people have a good idea of how bandwidth affects network speeds, they often don’t take into account how the physical characteristics of network infrastructure can significantly influence latency, jitter and packet loss that in turn affects the overall quality of service (QOS) and availability. These factors are further impacted by a host of different last-mile solutions with different characteristics – fibre, microwave (licensed and unlicensed), DSL, LTE / 4G / 5G (mobile and FWA), TVWS and VSAT, etc. Some of these services are synchronous while others are asynchronous with very different levels of performance of the service being consumed.

In addition to the different last-mile technologies and their benefits, for most businesses, the decision to use a particular last-mile solution boils down to price over the quality of functionality, which leads to QOS issues.

Designing a resilient and redundant network around the last mile needs to be planned and thought through. For consistent, quality end-user experience, the business will need a last-mile service with the same performance characteristics so that when the primary link fails, there is a seamless handover of services to the secondary link on all services and performance requirements remain intact. For example, you cannot have a licensed microwave solution that is MEF2.0 compliant delivering specific service quality metrics and then back the link up with a GPON fibre link, LTE or a DSL solution. The only solution is to have last-mile solutions that have similar characteristics that are not dependant on one another.

Comsol’s licensed mmWave 28GHz microwave solutions for both enterprise and broadband requirements are built on am MEF2.0 certified network with the associated service level agreements and guarantees. These solutions meet the new business needs of being reliant on the Internet to trade and remain relevant in an ever-increasing competitive world.

Comsol has got you covered!

To top it all, Comsol’s partner ecosystem can deliver the resilience, redundancy and robustness required to enable your SD-WAN strategy, that will, in turn, keep your business running cost-effectively without a glitch.

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