35 tech trainees kick-start their careers at BET

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By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 19 Feb 2024
BET Software has recruited 35 trainees for its software graduate programme.
BET Software has recruited 35 trainees for its software graduate programme.

A total of 35 graduates have been selected to begin their training at BET Software, as part of the 12-month BET Software Graduate Programme.

According to a statement, the candidates come from various tertiary institutions around the country, and over the next 12 months, will be learning about all aspects of the company and software development, as part of the initiative.

BET Software’s new graduate trainees will work alongside experienced professionals, gain industry-specific knowledge and develop essential IT and soft skills.

The betting software solutions provider’s offerings support large transactional volumes in the fast-paced global betting industry.

The company says its team of developers and technologists build software solutions and systems, while also providing 24/7 support and customer service to clients.

The graduate programme was introduced as part its commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering professional growth. It provides trainees with hands-on experience, mentorship and training across various departments, according to the company.

“We are excited to welcome our new graduate trainees. As they embark on this journey with us, we are committed to providing them with the support and guidance they need to thrive in their roles and make meaningful contributions to BET Software,” says GM Michael Collins.

The 2023 cohort of graduate trainees were absorbed into the company as permanent staff.

Currently on a growth path, BET is expanding its international footprint and is on a drive to recruit talent.

“At BET Software, we recognise the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity. Our intake of previous graduate trainees who are now permanent, reflects our commitment to building a diverse workforce that embraces different perspectives and experiences,” Collins added.

Xongotelo Baloyi, a BET Software graduate who will now be working as a trainee, comments: “There are a lot of other graduates that could have been selected, but it’s clear that there is something particular about me which they actually liked. And I pray that they have identified good skills and talent that I can actually bring into this company, to add value and grow at the same time.”