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How to beat mobile app fatigue

There is pretty much an app for everything. What can you do to make yours stand out?

Why Kotlin?


Comprehensibility, not conciseness, should be used as a measurement of how good a programming language is, says Pamela A Hill, senior Java developer at DVT.

Gmail is about to get dynamic

14 Feb

Google will demonstrate software that enables e-mails to feature continuously updating information and greater interactivity.

DVT unveils software testing facility in Johannesburg

13 Feb

The Global Testing Centre's Gauteng satellite office will be built using the same blueprint the company used for the original GTC in Cape Town.

15 most popular development languages, according to GitHub

12 Feb

Of the 24 million developers using GitHub, only 486 000 were registered from the entire African continent.

Tax law app makes its debut

hApp-e-tax provides access to information on South African income tax law at the touch of a button.

Obsidian sets up DevOps community groups

The company is spearheading the Docker DevOps meetups or community groups aimed at creating awareness around software tools.

Is your enterprise at warp speed?

1 Feb

Open source software brings agility into large organisations, but at what cost?

CA Veracode named a leader in static application security testing

31 Jan

The Forrester Wave: Static Application Security Testing report said CA Veracode "shows very strong support for binary and byte code scanning".

Vulnerable software poses great risk to businesses

30 Jan

Many business leaders don't understand the plethora of threats the software-led approach to business presents, says Veracode.

Coding: An essential skill of the future

30 Jan

The importance of coding in South Africa.

Veracode helps developers with static analysis features

Jan 24, 2018

Accelerated Results, Custom Cleansers, Greenlight Auto-Scan and Perl Language Support lets developers work faster and more securely across more applications.

Saratoga, Alacrity join forces

Jan 24, 2018

Trading as Saratoga, the combined business will continue to provide technology consulting, software development and software development outsourcing services.