35 tech trainees kick-start their careers at BET

After graduating from tertiary, 35 BET Software Graduate Programme candidates are selected to begin their training at the company.

OpenAI16 Feb

OpenAI intros Sora, a new text-to-video AI model

Sora is able to bring diverse styles, from photorealistic scenes to playful cartoons, to life using AI technology.


ITWeb TV: Dariel in Gen Z software developer drive

Dariel’s Lebo Mosola gives insights into the firm’s graduate programme and what it takes to recruit Gen Z software developers.


How Terraform variables help with scalability in infrastructure configuration

With Terraform variables, DevOps professionals can define parameters so they can be easily adjusted whenever needed.


Initiative bridges cyber security skills gap for WCape youth

MiDO Technologies marks the graduation of its first cohort of 21 students, as part of the cyber security skills building programme.

Bard9 Feb

Google renames Bard, intros Gemini mobile app

Google announces a new Gemini Advanced mobile app subscription for R429 per month.


Networking must embrace cloud-native paradigm

Preparing for and deploying cloud-native networking and hybrid cloud architectures enables businesses to make more effective use of cloud resources.

BlueSky7 Feb

BlueSky announces open access

The Jack Dorsey-backed social media platform removes invite codes, opening and making its features accessible to the public.


Mimecast strengthens defences against QR code phishing

Mimecast adds deep scanning feature for QR code URLs to its e-mail security solution.


CSIR, Dell competition puts STEM students’ skills to test

The CSIR and Dell Technologies partner to introduce a student cluster competition aimed at empowering the next-generation of tech innovators.


SD-WAN adoption on VPN sites on the rise in SA

BMIT forecasts that SD-WAN will penetrate 51% of all South African virtual private network-enabled business sites by 2027.


ITWeb GRC 2024 – Choosing speed over quality equals tech debt

Discovery Bank's internal audit manager to discuss the issue of accrued technical debt at #ITWebGRC2024.