A tech conference like no other, coming to you this September

Johannesburg, 31 May 2024
Escape is happening on 5 September globally.
Escape is happening on 5 September globally.

The newest entrant in the technical conference scene, Escape, is back this year for the second time as an open-to-the-public event.

“What sets Escape apart,” explains one of the organisers and head of Research and Development at BBD, Lucky Nkosi, “is that not only is it a hybrid international conference that runs simultaneously across multiple countries globally with hundreds of online attendees, but it prides itself as a conference by technologists, for technologists.” It is not designed for recruitment or sales, but purely as an event for technologists to celebrate innovation and the future of the industry.

The conference brings together the brightest minds in the industry to explore a wide range of topics, including AI, different architectures, programming languages, cutting-edge frameworks and tooling, best practices and UX/UI advancements. The multiple tracks feature speakers from various locations, including SA, the UK, Netherlands, Portugal and India, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for all involved. Click here to watch last year’s talks.

This year, BBD is opening the call for speakers to the wider public, encouraging both seasoned speakers and those looking to elevate their profiles the opportunity to take to the stage. Nkosi adds: “You should submit a talk because we are very beginner friendly and have an incredible team of highly skilled and experienced people who can help you through all stages of your talk development.” He adds that it really is a great place to meet other people and share your knowledge.

The conference is designed for engineers, analysts, enthusiasts and technophiles alike, catering to everyone from students to technical experts.

Mark your calendars – Escape is happening on 5 September globally. Tickets will be available soon.

If you’d like to learn more or get tickets, head over to Escape conference.

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