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IOT helps transport sector reduce carbon footprint

A revolution that will increase efficiency is fast approaching, spearheaded by the Internet of things, big data and automation.

Ways to create greater process efficiency


There are 10 essential steps to improve business processes and reduce wastage, says UK-based process improvement company Triaster.

Adapt or Die': latest challenge for project managers

PMs who wish to survive must involve themselves in constant learning and have a bigger toolbox, say experts.

How to choose between BPM and RPA

Choosing which one to use can be difficult, but should always be linked back to organisational requirements, says Newgen.

MS Azure data centres will change the game in SA


Citrix believes the arrival of Azure data centres in the country will lead to more local organisations moving their workloads to the cloud.

Automation on the back of digitalisation

Most businesses today recognise that automation is strategically important and tied to the user experience, says Jaco Viljoen, agile consultant at IndigoCube.

Business risks of making purely data-driven decisions

It is better to be information-informed than to be data-driven, says Dr Barry Devlin, founder of 9sight Consulting.

Enterprise blockchain training on SUSE Linux


Tymlez provides an easy-to-use blockchain architecture, SUSE provides a robust CAAS platform and Jumping Bean provides training, says Jumping Bean.

Lowering the 'normal' cost of maintenance

Today, new integrated EAM systems pay companies back by optimising the efficiency and reliability of the core equipment that managers depend on, says Softworx.

SAP Africa appoints new MD

The company names ex-Cisco exec, Cathy Smith, managing director as it looks to move on from the Gupta saga.