A well-established team is stronger than the sum of its parts

Using a proven software development company with a well-established team will deliver innovative and robust results.

Johannesburg, 11 Jun 2024
Building great software calls for a variety of specialists who excel at working together.
Building great software calls for a variety of specialists who excel at working together.

In Formula 1 racing, "outperforming the car" means a driver’s skill surpasses the car’s limitations. This concept also applies to software development. A company that truly understands technology can deliver outstanding results despite technological constraints – if it has the right team.

Jaco van Schalkwyk, Director and Head of Design at Kohde, debunks the myth of the lone genius creating groundbreaking software in isolation, saying this is hardly a reflection of reality. “Building first-class, fit-for-purpose, scalable software solutions requires a collaborative effort by well-established, cohesive and multidisciplinary teams.”

The reality is that software development, especially in today’s complex and fast-paced environment, requires a broad range of skills and knowledge that no single person can possess.

Van Schalkwyk acknowledges that an early or small business may not have the luxury of appointing or building a team, but nonetheless advises against using a single developer or an untested team for building future-ready solutions.

“Using a single developer to build your solution comes with certain risks and complexity further down the line, such as key man dependency and the developer becoming part of the solution. A single developer who isn’t accountable to other team members may not necessarily follow best practices. In a team, developers have to design and write code with others in mind.”

However, building effective teams is challenging. It is not as simple as collecting the best talent and asking them to work together. Well established, high performing teams take time to develop and have gone through the storming, norming, forming phases, as outlined by Bruce Tuckman.

“When you hire a software development company, you want three main things: a solution that meets your needs, seamless integration and a team that works well together with processes that can deliver value to your business.”

Finding this perfect combination of expertise and innovation can be difficult. Many companies end up with systems that don’t work well, leading to tough decisions about cost versus performance. The ideal solution is to partner with a company that understands your needs and has the tools to deliver excellence. This partner should offer a solution that evolves with your organisation, provided by a skilled team that delivers quality.

Successful software development requires a diverse group of experts who work well together. They need established processes, deep technical knowledge and a commitment to quality. All of these qualities can be found in a company that has well-established cohesive teams.

This is how Kohde approaches software development. They have built solid, tested and resilient teams with a deep understanding of code, systems, technology and business. These teams deliver results that are future fit and sustainable.

Van Schalkwyk says: “We respect our clients’ business. We know when a company needs our help and resources, and when they can manage without us. We focus on providing high-quality solutions, hands-on support and exceptional expertise.”

Kohde’s advantage is its people and deep understanding of technology, and how to drive it right up to the finish line.