Acronis unveils MSP Academy

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 10 Nov 2023
Acronis launches MSP Academy.
Acronis launches MSP Academy.

Cyber protection firm Acronis has launched an online MSP Academy to help managed services providers (MSPs) and individuals gain cyber security skills and knowledge.

Acronis, a Swiss company with global presence, says there is a growing disparity between technological advancements and the skill sets of service providers.

Its academy addresses common challenges faced by MSP, such as starting and marketing a managed services business, running it successfully, and improving the technical efficiency of MSP technicians.

The MSP Academy offers vendor-neutral training across various cyber security topics, as well as free, on-demand Acronis training and certification programmes. Existing partners gain full access to Acronis education resources.

The participants can choose between a customised education experience, or a structured learning path, with six modules ranging from three to seven minutes each, and an examination that participants can take to receive a Credly badge.

Acronis plans to introduce hybrid boot camps in collaboration with cloud solutions distributors, and to provide hybrid and offline multilingual training options, which will be available worldwide.