Africa-developed payroll, HR solution earns prestigious UK accreditation

Johannesburg, 18 Apr 2024
Desmond Struwig, CEO of CRS.
Desmond Struwig, CEO of CRS.

The Engage payroll and HR suite, exclusively distributed by CRS Technologies, which positions itself as a leading provider of solutions and services in the human capital management industry, has received accreditation from His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the UK authority for tax, payment and customs. This means the Engage suite is now officially recognised for use in UK-based payrolls.

“Engage is already trusted by organisations worldwide, from small businesses to large enterprises,” says Desmond Struwig, CEO of CRS. “This accreditation by HMRC is a testament to the software’s exceptional quality and excellence and demonstrates the capability of an African-developed solution to meet international standards.”

Engage distinguishes itself with its innovative features, making it the preferred choice for businesses across diverse industries in search of an advanced payroll and HR solution.

Harnessing cloud computing’s prime benefits, the system offers comprehensive legislative compliance and robust security. Its integrated modules can be customised for any business, integrating seamlessly with most ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle Fusion.

Engage scales effortlessly from 10 to 100 000 employees, accommodating various work models and streamlining processing with exceptional data-to-dashboard reporting.

Beyond its payroll capabilities, Engage offers a fully integrated HR system to enhance overall efficiency. The software includes a comprehensive employee and manager self-service platform, fostering better communication and interaction within companies. Engage also ensures real-time information reporting compliance by integrating with various entities, including pension funds and banks.

“Achieving HMRC recognition is yet another exciting milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative technology solutions across the globe and solidifies Engage’s reputation as a reliable and internationally recognised payroll and HR solution,” says Struwig. 


CRS Technologies

CRS Technologies is a leading provider of solutions and services to the growing human capital management industry, and an authorised South African distributor of the Engage™ suite of human resource and payroll products. The system leverages the best that cloud computing has to offer, whether SaaS (Software as a Service), hybrid or on-premise, and incorporates cutting-edge functionality and robust security features that can be tailored to suit the needs of any business.

Following its establishment in 1985, the Johannesburg-based company quickly found its niche in the human resources, people management and payroll sector and, owing to its ability to successfully manage the most complex scenarios, soon matured into the specialist of choice for blue chip organisations and SMMEs across the globe.

Today CRS is acknowledged as the most proficient international human resources and payroll company and is soon to become an accredited Microsoft payroll solution provider, integrating seamlessly with SAP Success Factors, Oracle Slack and SAGE, and helping to create workplaces of inspired, engaged and rewarded employees.

CRS’s approach to market is about maximising value between employer and employee, integrated with innovative technology that unlocks human potential and grows businesses.

CRS achieves competitive advantage through its commitment to global best practice in human capital management and its drive to transform human resource departments into strategic, value-added business units, be it through bespoke software and services or shared industry insight.

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