AI & CX survey: Integration is the biggest challenge

By Suzanne Franco, Surveys Editorial Project Manager at ITWeb.
Johannesburg, 13 May 2020

When it comes to the state of AI adoption in their organisation, only 17% of SA’s customer-facing businesses have deployed AI, while 28% are experimenting with it.

This is according to preliminary findings of the theAI & Customer Experience Survey that

ITWeb is currently running in partnership with Freshworks.

The survey, which examines the role of AI in omnichannel customer experience operations in SA, will run until 17 May.

According to the responses received so far from a range of industry sectors – including banking, insurance, retail, hospitality, telcos and government – the biggest barrier by far to AI adoption is the challenge of integrating AI into existing processes. Next on the list is company culture and change management challenges, as well as a lack of the requisite know-how.

The goal of havinga single view of the customer still evades most organisations, and the main reason (cited by 44% of respondents) is that businesses have multiple customer channels that are not integrated.

Do you agree with these findings, or do you have a different experience? We’d love to have say when it comes to the state of AI and CX in SA. The detailed findings, based on anonymised responses, will be published on ITWeb.

In addition to benefiting from the exclusive insights the survey results report will offer, respondents stand a chance of winning a Takealot or Yuppiechef voucher to the value of R3 000.

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