Hackathon: Build IOT business apps using serverless architecture

Microsoft Azure IoT and serverless technologies will be used to build fast and scalable cloud solutions.

Is machine learning hampering security?

10 hours ago

If machine learning is pure anomaly detection, it creates many false-positive alerts, making the security analyst's job more difficult, says SecBI.

Making the case for expert logic

11 hours ago

Here's why artificial intelligence solutions won't transform your company's assisted service capability.

Meet Ricci, RCS's new chatbot


Ricci can answer questions relating to balances and statements, and assists community managers with answers to complex questions.

Time to rethink organisational design

Slow, rigid companies will never thrive in a talent-scarce, customer-led, robot-enabled market, says Forrester Research.

Gauteng, university ink smart tech pact

The partnership seeks to advance the use of computational intelligence and artificial intelligence for rational decision-making.

The bots are coming!

If the headlines are to be believed, robots are coming for your job. Or are they?

AI is here to help, not harm


Public perception of AI is largely misinformed by its negative portrayal in science fiction films, says Microsoft.

AI presents rich tapestry for creative innovation


Artificial intelligence is definitely going places, so it's the perfect time for humans to get creative with it.

SA should prepare to lead Africa in Industry 4.0

10 Jul

Collaboration between SA's private sector, educational institutions and governments will be crucial, say ICT experts.

Tomorrow's talent: it's all in the data

10 Jul

How AI and analytics is helping to create the skills index that will be used to determine future generations of football stars.

Artificial emotional intelligence may be closer than we think

10 Jul

Emotions may be fundamental to our interactions with machines, says Microsoft researcher, Dr Mary Czerwinski.

eBook: Automation 101

10 Jul

This eBook, from ConnectWise, provides tips and best practices to successfully incorporate automation into an IT services business.