AI simplifies SA’s Constitution for Gen Z

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 05 Jul 2024
[CAPTION] We the People SA rolls out#BillOfTweets campaign.
[CAPTION] We the People SA rolls out#BillOfTweets campaign.

To make the Constitution relatable to young South Africans, We the People SA has turned to generative artificial intelligence (AI) to simply the important piece text.

In a statement, the organisation says after three decades of democracy, many young South Africans feel disconnected from the Constitution and the empowerment it offers.

This is mainly because the law of the land has not been adapted to speak to current times, leaving the youth unengaged and unaware of their rights.

Resultantly, We the People SA has leveraged generative AI to launch #TheBillOfTweets.

Generative AI has helped translate the 4 675-word Bill of Rights into 15 concise and relatable tweets, using local contemporary phrases and words, it says.

The organisation describes this as the world’s first Bill of Rights reimagined with contemporary local language to resonate with Gen Z.

“By translating the formal language of the Bill of Rights into contemporary slang and phrases, the campaign helps demystify important legal rights and protections, fostering a stronger connection between the youth and their constitutional rights,” comments Mbali Baduza, CEO of We the People SA.

“This increased awareness and understanding can empower young people to actively participate in democratic processes, advocate for their rights, and contribute to nation-building efforts,” adds Baduza.

We the People SA is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation that aims to promote knowledge and understanding of the Constitution, its making and its impact on society.

Furthermore, it is dedicated to helping all South Africans understand that nation-building is a long-term process requiring sustained commitment, engagement, and patience.

South Africans can follow the #BillOfTweets thread on X by clicking here.