AI takes centre stage at BI Summit ‘24

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 13 Feb 2024
GenAI, decision-making and data strategy are key discussion points for ITWeb’s BI Summit 2024 on 12 March.
GenAI, decision-making and data strategy are key discussion points for ITWeb’s BI Summit 2024 on 12 March.

Artificial intelligence will dominate the discussions at the annual ITWeb Business Intelligence Summit 2024, to be held at The Forum in Bryanston on 12 March.

The theme for the event is ‘embracing data, analytics and AI to drive business value’, which speaks to the significance of this emerging technology in many sectors.

This significance will be highlighted by keynote speaker Mergan Velayudan, acting group CIO at Multichoice, who will deliver a presentation ‘how Generative AI is changing the way we manage data and enable data-driven decision-making’.

He will discuss what benefits GenAI brings to business in terms of insights and data-driven decision-making, explore the real use cases of businesses using this technology successfully for data management, as well as its impact, real or perceived, on employees and job security.

One of the panel discussions will focus on how to realise tangible value from AI and ML, including an examination of the benefits and drawbacks of a generic large language model vs an industry-specific language model.

The agenda includes another panel discussion on understanding the complexities of AI ethics and how it fits within the African context.

This session will explore questions such as: Who owns the IP of the content generated by AI? Where does the human element come into play? Where do the gaps in AI lie? And how do we use humans to fill those gaps?

Participants will also examine the EU AI Act and the AU-AI Continental Strategy and why they are considered necessary.

Lisa Lawlor, ITWeb Events director, says, “We are going to tackle several issues related to GenAI, data management and security. Business leaders want to know how to leverage this emerging technology, yet they are keenly attuned to the associated risks, regulatory requirements, and other crucial considerations. Our goal is to shed light on these topics, foster meaningful discussions, and equip delegates with comprehensive insights and solutions.

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