Business Intelligence

IOT data in demand forecasting

Demand forecasting optimises raw material procurement, influence supplier choice and co-ordinate logistics, says Richard Barry, CEO of Polymorph.


Translating data into success

Companies have begun to recognise information not only as an asset but as a potential competitive differentiator, says Craig Andrew, senior consultant and Tableau specialist at Keyrus.


White paper: Reveal hidden ROI with customer engagement analytics

This tool can be extremely cost-effective when monitoring customer engagements across channels.


The world needs more women in the tech space

For women to access jobs for the 4IR, they need to be empowered with the correct skills and encouraged to enter STEM fields, says Christina Naidoo, COO, Huawei South Africa.


SAP partners with Discovery Health to transform health insurance businesses

Discovery Health will use its industry expertise to co-innovate with SAP's leading technology and systems, resulting in health insurance that's scalable and cutting-edge, says Dr Jonathan Broomberg, CEO, Discovery Health.


AI overhype requires ‘decent level of scepticism’

Organisations need a healthy dose of scepticism regarding what tech solutions they are being fed by vendors, warns Tellos CEO Jared Molko.


Beat CIO pressure with technology expense management

Technology expense management can be used to create an accountability culture on all sides of the business landscape: vendor, management and user.


TransUnion's director of analytics to share ML case study

Frans Potgieter will outline the enablers of an effective machine learning model at ITWeb AI 2019 on 20 August.


What are the biggest data storage challenges facing businesses?

These include the volume of data, its complexity and diversity, and problems related to cost, infrastructure, security and connectivity, says Corne du Preez, Technology Solutions Professional: Applications and Infrastructure, at Altron Karabina.

15 Aug

More problems at EOH as Qlik cancels contract

US-based software provider Qlik and EOH have ended their contractual relationship due to “commercial differences”.


The ins and outs of testing automation

Setting smaller, achievable goals to silo your risks and clearly defining what you want to automate can address resistance in organisations, says Steve Beck, Delivery Manager, Inspired Testing.