Business Intelligence

Data silos are detrimental to excellent customer experiences

If a business cannot access, analyse and understand all aspects of its customers, it can't deliver the experience today’s consumers demand, says Andrew Hoseck, COO at In2IT Technologies.


Using data protection to enrich SaaS strategies

Danie Marais of Redstor will discuss the link between data protection and SaaS strategy at the upcoming #ITWebCloudDD.


White paper: How to make your data catalogue the central point of your data governance strategy

Organise and leverage your data catalogue into a complete enterprise data governance console.


The history and development of barcode scanners

Because the barcode scanning systems were so revolutionary, an innovative and standardised version of industry was born.


Carrying out effective analysis of VOC

According to some studies, the voice of the customer is a key pillar in the strategy of 85% of companies.


Threat modelling: the new normal

Threat modelling is gaining adoption as a proactive defensive measure that is helping organisations protect their systems against cyber attacks, says Jarrod Mouton, Cloud Architect at BUI.


Four critical changes for businesses to survive

Focusing on compliance, security, getting insights from company data and coming to terms with the electricity crisis are vital, says Turrito Networks.


Resourcing partners remain vital in the digital age

While organisations can use digital channels to hire personnel and bypass recruitment agencies, the latter's knowledge of vetting processes and staffing needs cannot be dispensed with, says Sue Richards, IT Consulting and Resourcing Manager at JMR Software.

Dec 12, 2019

Harnessing analytics crucial to enterprise success

Cisco has predicted that annual global IP traffic should reach 3.3ZB per annum by 2021, says tdglobal.

Dec 12, 2019

Printing sector trends for 2020

Advanced technologies are becoming more entrenched in the print industry, with automation, collaboration, analytics and consolidation set to become next year's major influences, says Bernice Hynard, Managing Director of Printacom.

Dec 11, 2019

White paper: BI meets AI

Augmenting analytics with artificial intelligence to beat the extreme data economy.

Dec 10, 2019

SAS ‘Escape Room’ offers unique support to SA’s data scientist community

Data scientists have to constantly stay on top of the latest trends and industry knowledge, says Kely Lu.