Business Intelligence

Minopex, 4Sight join forces

4Sight Holdings and the wholly owned subsidiary of DRA Global have signed a joint memorandum of understanding to develop a distinctive service and solution offering for the mining and minerals industry.


SA youth more likely to support looting, AI study finds

While most South Africans are against violence and looting, it’s troubling to see how desperate the unemployed youth have become, says CompariSure.


SA operations boost Cartrack owner Karooooo in Q1

Revenue and subscription revenue in local operations increased 28% and 25%, respectively, in the period under review, compared to Q1 2021.


Heat mapping in retail: know your customer

Heat mapping cameras that show retailers how today’s shoppers move through their store and where they spend the most time can provide the store owner with invaluable data.


Edge computing 101

Edge computing harnesses real-time data from critical equipment and processes to improve operational efficiency and enable new insights through advanced analytics.


South Africa urged to tap into big data to prevent future unrest

By making use of big data analytics, government would have been better prepared to deal with the acts of violence that gripped the country, say academics.

14 Jul

Why businesses need to start upskilling with data science

With pressure mounting on companies to embrace data science as a culture rather than a function, businesses are facing a challenge they never quite anticipated.


Why speech analytics is important for your contact centre

The basic science behind speech analytics is to detect a particular pattern in a customer’s voice that can determine the emotions and stress of the speaker.


Effective data-gathering for process efficiency

It’s vital to have a strong data-gathering foundation before looking to smart technology to produce executive dashboards, alerts and autonomously-generated instructions.


Synresins makes 90% return on investments with SYSPRO 8 upgrade

Since implementing SYSPRO 8, the chemicals company has seen a ROI of about 90% and a 40% increase in employee productivity.

6 Jul

Improved data literacy equals data-driven digital transformation

Data literacy is the missing link in the data value chain, as the necessary know-how can extract the insights required to identify and develop new business opportunities.


SARS pins hopes on key tech as modernisation plans advance

The South African Revenue Service leans on artificial intelligence and machine learning to not only boost functions, but also improve its integrity.