Business Intelligence

The importance of personalisation in insurance

Personalisation should be integrated into all aspects of data capturing, analysis and insights to deliver a complete view of a person, says Leonel da Silva, portfolio manager at SilverBridge.


Data consolidation: It’s so simple, even Generation Z are applying it

The benefit of spending a bit more time upfront to plan and consolidate data, to make it easier to work with, is not that difficult to buy into.


The experience economy is here. Do you know what your customers want?

At Saphila 2019, SAP unpacks the challenges of understanding and serving the modern customer.


Tempering analytics with emotion

Business guru Anders Indset suggests a new world requires new approaches, like AI and analytics tempered with emotion.


The journey to AIOps

Automation in a disparate environment and the growing role of advanced IT analytics.

10 Jun

Operationalising AI and analytics in real world environments

SAS understands how important the ‘smart city’ concept is, so it looked to the urban environment as a way to compose an example of taking AI and analytics into the real world.


Intelligent data management is key to any digital business

In the data-driven era, the ability to manage business data intelligently needs to start by focusing on making the data useful.


'Boost Your Business' with Microsoft AI

Advances in AI and machine learning makes it simpler for businesses to integrate advanced analytics and machine learning in their platforms.


What does it mean to enable the intelligent enterprise?

An experience-driven intelligent economy is taking shape around us as we speak, with the intelligent enterprise as its engine, says Steve Tzikakis, SAP president South Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Speed, trust, culture: The three biggest trends in data and analytics

Extreme data is one of three major trends driving data and analytics today, says tdglobal.


AppConverge, Proceed Group form alliance

The companies have joined forces in an alliance called AppProceed to bring SAP Data Management expertise to the SAP SA environment.