Business Intelligence

There’s more than one way to get admin privileges

Microsoft addresses lesser-known techniques that hackers exploit to obtain administration rights and turn AD and Windows into exploitable targets, and the counter-measures we can take.


ACSA sets aside R1.2bn to digitise SA airports

The company looks to create the IT infrastructure necessary to transform into a truly digital airports business.


Teraco achieves global top 3 data centre ranking

"By colocating in a Teraco data centre, you're surrounded by opportunities to form new interconnections with business partners, service providers and networks,” says Michele McCann, Head of Interconnection and Peering, Teraco.

12 Sep

Innovative mobile solutions set to enhance life in SA

With 4IR now a reality, MTN is transforming from being a mobile phone company to becoming a multi-purpose digital platform innovator, says Giovanni Chiarelli, Chief Technology and Information Officer at MTN SA.


New Poly G7500 puts content at the centre of your video conferencing experience

Poly G7500's dynamic system is a premium video conferencing tool, allows wireless content-sharing from any device and allows digital whiteboarding, all using the same interface.


Make your contact centre your epicentre for e-commerce

It can help build revenue by ascertaining where people are on the Web site and why they are visiting a specific page, says Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer, Elingo.


Accelerate your journey to Zero Trust security

The Zero Trust model upholds the principles of secure network access but allows for better authentication, monitors user accessibility and provides control.


Executives don’t have to know much about technology

Executives needn't be digital experts; they need digital fluency, which requires them to be aware of technology trends and what they mean for the business, says writer, Terry White.


Behaviour-based IDPS vs signature-based IDPS

Behaviour-based intrusion detection and prevention is designed to detect behaviour that is atypical or deviant, says LucidView.

3 Sep

EXCLUSIVE: EOH, Qlik enter marriage of convenience

After the companies last month announced they are ending their contractual relationship, they have now entered into a new non-exclusive arrangement.


Analytics unlocks big data's potential

Contact centre operators must apply intelligence to customer data to create a rich, unified view of the consumer, says Deon Scheepers, customer engagement executive at Pivotal Data.