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AIS, ZTE announce Thailand's first 5G mmWave SA showcase at 26GHz

* AIS has partnered with Qualcomm Technologies and ZTE to successfully complete the 5G mmWave SA (5G Standalone Architecture) technology trial at the AZ centre in Bangkok.
* The trial of 5G mmWave SA technology yielded remarkable results, with latency of under four milliseconds, impressive uplink speeds of 2.12Gbps under DSUUU frame structure, and incredible downlink speeds of 7.04Gbps under DDDSU frame structure, says ZTE.

Bangkok, Thailand, 05 Jul 2023

ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), which positions itself as a global leading provider of ICT solutions, has partnered with AIS, Thailand's leading mobile operator, and Qualcomm Technologies to successfully complete the trial of mmWave SA (5G Standalone Architecture) technology at the AZ centre in Bangkok. This achievement not only positions Thailand as a leader in the ASEAN region regarding mmWave explorations, but also marks a significant step towards commercialising mmWave in the country, meeting the diverse requirements of consumers and industries.

During the trial, 5G mmWave SA technology showcased unparalleled downlink speeds of 7.04Gbps under DDDSU frame structure, impressive uplink speeds of 2.12Gbps under DSUUU frame structure and end-to-end latency of less than 4ms. These exceptional results were achieved using a single CPE prototype powered by Snapdragon X65 5G Modem-RF System from Qualcomm Technologies, along with ZTE’s latest mmWave AAU network infrastructure equipment. The high throughput and minimal data transmission delay offered by this cutting-edge technology enable users to experience immediate responses during critical applications such as online gaming, virtual reality and autonomous vehicles. With seamless connectivity between users and their devices, this advancement opens up a world of possibilities for both businesses and consumers.

In comparison to EN-DC or NR-DC, mmWave SA was implemented using four 200MHz carriers in the downlink and two 200MHz carriers in the uplink all operating solely at 26GHz. This approach significantly simplifies the network architecture and eliminates the need for "anchoring" cells in EN-DC or NR-DC, thereby avoiding additional capex expenditure. 

The mmWave SA showcase is considered a catalyst for the rapid commercial advancement of 5G mmWave technology in Thailand. AIS, Qualcomm Technologies and ZTE are committed to accelerating and expanding the capabilities of 5G, improving efficiency and pushing the boundaries of applications in personal, enterprise and industrial settings. This commitment aims to enhance overall connectivity and productivity, opening up new possibilities for users and industries alike.

Wasit Watansap, Head of Nationwide Operations and Support Business Unit AIS, stated: "In line with our goals and plans to elevate the quality of service towards becoming a Cognitive Tech-Co or a provider of intelligent telecommunications technology, we are working collaboratively with global partners such as ZTE and Qualcomm to enhance the potential of 5G, enabling it to accommodate customer behaviour and support the growth of the digital economy, which relies on the robustness of digital technology infrastructure. Furthermore, the success achieved in the testing of mmWave SA technology, with latency below four milliseconds, uplink speed of 2.12Gbps, and downlink speed of 7.04Gbps, will empower the 5G network with capabilities and intelligence that will lead to various solutions, such as controlling machinery in factories and manufacturing, autonomous driving, remote surgeries and even high-speed, reliable, low-latency, responsive and real-time mobile cloud gaming, benefiting businesses, industries and the Thai people, without a doubt."

“It is an honour to have been a continued partner of AIS and ZTE in achieving this significant milestone, which serves as an integral step towards the full deployment of 5G mmWave in Thailand. We remain committed to advancing the development of 5G mmWave as this will further enable an intelligently connected world benefiting not only enterprises, but also everyday experiences of end-users,” said ST Liew, Vice-President, QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific and President, Qualcomm Taiwan, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re pleased to work with AIS and Qualcomm Technologies to achieve this milestone, which lays a technology validation foundation for 5G mmWave commercialisation,” said Mei Zhonghua, Senior Vice-President of ZTE Corporation. “With broader 5G opportunities enabled by mmWave, we will join hands with partners to continuously drive mmWave development, create ultimate experiences and usher in a wonderful 5G era.”



Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) is the 5G Digital Service Provider with the most spectra to provide service, totalling 1420MHz . The company has the most subscribers in Thailand, counting over 46 million in December 2022. AIS is ready to power Thailand with 5G technology which currently covers 77 provinces through 3 core businesses: mobile phones, high-speed home broadband through AIS Fibre, and Digital Services in 5 aspects of video, the Cloud, digital payments, the Internet of Things (IoT) and services provided jointly with partners. The company is also expanding into AIS eSports and AIS Insurance Service. All of this is to proceed with the vision of becoming a Cognitive Tech-Co, to support a robust digital infrastructure for the country, boost the industrial sector's competitive potential and upgrade quality of life for all Thais. Find us at


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