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AlgoSec double-layered cloud security solution minimises critical cyber security blind spots in cloud environments

Industry’s first double-layered cloud security solution stands as a barrier against cyber threats by providing deep visibility into more than 150 cloud network risks alongside existing CNAPP offerings.

Johannesburg, 11 Jun 2024
Minimising cyber security blind spots in cloud environments.
Minimising cyber security blind spots in cloud environments.

AlgoSec, which positions itself as a global cyber security leader, has introduced a new release of its revolutionary Prevasio Cloud Security platform. The new release delivers the first double-layered cloud security solution to address the paradigm shift in cloud network security, offering comprehensive protection against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. 

Network security is the backbone of any cloud estate. As businesses increasingly migrate to cloud environments, the complexity of network security increases, which means the need for robust defensive measures has never been more critical. Traditional cloud native application protection platforms (CNAPP) alone are not sufficient to secure the entire cloud infrastructure. Overlooking network misconfigurations also poses significant risks to both security groups and native cloud firewalls.

Deploying a double-layered cloud security approach, anchored in the cloud network, serves as a barrier against malicious actors, preventing unauthorised access to business application resources. AlgoSec’s Prevasio Cloud Security solution combines advanced network security measures with deep visibility and flexibility, empowering organisations to safeguard their digital assets and commit to securing their cloud infrastructure.

Key features of AlgoSec’s Prevasio Cloud Security solution:

  • Deep visibility into cloud network risks: Providing unparalleled insight into potential threats with more than 150 network checks, including risks that are unique in the cloud environment, AlgoSec’s Prevasio Cloud Security solution offers deep visibility into cloud network risks and misconfigurations. It delivers proactive risk management and remediation, unlike traditional approaches that may overlook critical vulnerabilities.
  • Holistic risk identification: By identifying and mitigating network risks across both cloud infrastructure and on-premises data centres, AlgoSec’s Prevasio Cloud Security solution ensures no area of the network remains vulnerable. This comprehensive approach significantly reduces the risk of breaches and data loss.
  • Support for third-party firewalls: Seamlessly integrating both third-party and cloud-native firewalls within the cloud environment, this solution allows organisations to leverage their preferred security solutions. This flexibility ensures that security measures align closely with organisational needs and preferences, enhancing overall defence capabilities.
  • Tailored guardrail policy: The solution offers customisable guardrail policies tailored to an organisation’s specific network topology. This granular control enables the implementation of finely tuned security measures that address unique security challenges and compliance requirements. The guardrail policy is flexible and can be adjusted differently per cloud account.

“In today’s digital landscape, securing your cloud estate is paramount. At the heart of this defence lies the cloud network layer – a crucial barrier against inbound attacks, exfiltration attempts and insider threats alike. While adhering to configuration standards is essential, solely relying on them may leave blind spots in your cloud security strategy,” said Eran Shiff, VP Product at AlgoSec. “We are offering the industry’s only end-to-end cloud-native security platform, designed to eliminate blind spots through over 150 deep cloud network checks and provide comprehensive protection for mission-critical business applications.”



AlgoSec, a global cybersecurity leader, empowers organizations to secure application connectivity and cloud-native applications throughout their multi-cloud and hybrid network. Trusted by more than 1,800 of the world’s leading organizations, AlgoSec’s application-centric approach enables secure acceleration of business application deployment by centrally managing application connectivity and security policies across the public clouds, private clouds, containers, and on-premises networks.

Using its unique vendor-agnostic deep algorithm for intelligent change management automation, AlgoSec enables the acceleration of digital transformation projects, helps prevent business application downtime and substantially reduces manual work and exposure to security risks. AlgoSec’s policy management and CNAPP platforms provide a single source for visibility into security and compliance issues within cloud-native applications as well as across the hybrid network environment, to ensure ongoing adherence to internet security standards, industry, and internal regulations.

Learn how AlgoSec enables application owners, information security experts, DevSecOps and cloud security teams to deploy business applications up to 10 times faster while maintaining security at

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