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ALNET Technologies reveals game-changing cloud accounting technologies for hospitality sector

Embracing accounting digital technologies such as cloud-based software, automation and data analytics in hospitality leads to improved financial management and enhanced business efficiencies.

Johannesburg, 27 Nov 2023
Yash Maharaj, ALNET Technologies Business Development Manager.
Yash Maharaj, ALNET Technologies Business Development Manager.

ALNET Technologies is driving the supply of accounting systems in the hospitality sector. These solutions play a crucial role in the industry, helping businesses to achieve better decision-making and enhanced management of financial operations.

Yash Maharaj, ALNET Technologies Business Development Manager, says accounting technologies are advancing and changing the way financial data is presented and processed. “We no longer need to sift through vast amounts of spreadsheet data to extract relevant information. We now have modern accounting systems such as Sage Intacct – a true cloud-based solution that provides real-time data allowing hospitality entities to gain greater insight into their businesses,” says Maharaj.

From scale-ups to global enterprises, Sage Intacct is a best-of-breed, cloud finance software that grows with the customer’s organisation. “The current competitive landscape in the hospitality sector is unforgiving, making time-consuming manual processes a barrier to growth. The ability to seize opportunities lies with modernisation of businesses through the implementation of a best-in-class cloud accounting and financial management solution, namely Sage Intacct,” she adds.

Maharaj confirms digital transformation in the hospitality industry, especially within accounting systems, is a critical process that has gained momentum in recent years. “It involves leveraging technology to streamline financial processes, enhance efficiency and provide better financial insights.

“Organisations operating multiple entities can spend days, or weeks, doing monthly consolidations. It is now possible to automate this process saving a huge amount of time and effort. Sage Intacct is the optimal solution for boosting business performance and delivers measurable results. Instead of confining an organisation to a one-size-fits-all strategy, Sage Intacct conforms and facilitates the fulfilment of current and future requirements.”

It centrally tracks and improves real-time business performance across all hospitality locations. “The solution makes it possible to view financial information and other dimensions used to measure performance. It also delivers improved cashflow and revenue forecasting with real-time visibility into current inflows, outflows and revenue streams. It can take analyses to the next level through the product’s financial reporting dashboards, which provide even greater insights,” Maharaj notes.

Sage Intacct is a best-in-class financial management solution for multi-property hotels, resorts, restaurant chains, travel companies and all hospitality businesses. “It also enables businesses to keep abreast of evolving revenue recognition requirements, which in turn ensures compliance without compromising efficiency. The solution enables the tracking of every piece of information crucial to businesses and does so with ease. This enables companies to acquire the daily operational data needed to properly manage and grow.

“In short, Sage Intacct for hospitality and franchise businesses is the ideal solution for driving business performance delivering clear and measurable results,” concludes Maharaj.


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