Altron boosts Nexus Football Academy with sponsored kits

Johannesburg, 21 Jun 2024
Nexus scores with Altron Document Solutions.
Nexus scores with Altron Document Solutions.

Altron Document Solutions has announced a new community outreach sponsorship project with Cape Town-based Nexus Football Academy. The company has agreed to supply Nexus, an NPC, with 70 Nexus and Xerox-branded training/game kits, tracksuits, golf shirts and kit bags.

The brainchild of Stuart Daniels, Altron’s Sales Manager: Production Systems Group, Nexus was founded under the banner of Ubuntu West Coast Skills School during the COVID-19 lockdowns. It was originally envisioned as an outlet for underprivileged youth needing to break away from the difficulties of their living environments, allowing them to express themselves through their shared passion for football.

“Very early on, we recognised the need to develop more than just football skills in these boys, aged 10 to 16, and so decided to create a structure that embodied education, social support and discipline,” says Daniels. “Our holistic approach included a homework programme, ensuring academic growth alongside athletic development.”

In 2022, Nexus took the next big step in its development when it was invited to join the prestigious High-Performance League for the 2023 football season, fielding U12 and U14 teams.

“Now that we’re part of the Two Oceans City stream, we get to play against established clubs like Stellenbosch, Cape Town City, Ubuntu and Young Banana, the highest junior league level in the Western Cape,” says Daniels.

“Our hope is that, as we grow, we can attract enough interest – and investment – to play in different tournaments around the country, which would become an incredible motivator for the amazing kids we get to nurture and work with every week.”

Since 2023, Nexus has been in partnership with another prominent NPC, Hidden Halos, and together sponsored three of the clubs’ most talented players with a fully paid private school scholarship. This year, 12 more boys were sponsored through the partnership.

“In just one year, we saw these learners go from failing their school grades to achieving above average results, showing better character both on and off the field, but most importantly, expressing positivity about their futures,” says Daniels.

“While it might seem trivial from the outside, the new branded kits foster a sense of unity and identity among the players, making them feel part of something larger than themselves,” he adds. “Our kit carries symbols, colours and designs that represent our history and values, creating a connection for the boys with the Nexus Football Academy legacy, both now and in the future.”