Consulting and IT Services

Let e-mail management raise the CX game

In a connected world, customers expect a positive experience and outcome every time they interact with a company, says numero. [Local rep: Intuate Group]


Scale your way through manufacturing’s tough times

Modernising is a fact for manufacturers if they want to maintain their competitive edge, but it’s not so easy to accomplish, says nCoded Solutions.

2 Aug

EOH names Fatima Newman as chief risk officer

As EOH pushes to clean up its battered image, Fatima Newman has been appointed chief risk officer to rescue it.


How to be wrong when you know you're right

Averages tell us very little, it’s the outliers we should be highlighting, says Netsurit.


King Price chooses Pink Elephant

Pink and King Price have developed a strategic roadmap, culminating in the transfer of the service desk and problem management functions to Pink.


Nelson Mandela Day the Netsurit way

Its Johannesburg and Cape Town branches collected pre-loved clothing and blankets to help those in need this winter.


Four common mistakes of IT admins in SA

These have to do with password policy, NTLM authentication, cleaning up platforms and privileged access, according to a survey by ManageEngine.

25 Jul

Adapting to the ever-changing rat race

Change landscapes are critical tools to identify and map out the different types of changes being imposed on the workforce, says Colette Staniland, consultant at Bizmod.

Jul 19, 2019

AWCape reflects on Middle East success story

AWCape has been appointed as Sage Business Partner for the Middle East region.

Jul 18, 2019

The importance of being human in the digital age

Businesses embarking on digital transformation must ensure they remain cognisant of the human element within this process, says Bill Hoggarth, a business unit manager at Datacentrix.

Jul 18, 2019

Typical challenges financial institutions face in their printing environment

Green Office examines the printing issues South African financial institutions face and discusses how these can be addressed.