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Open ecosystem vs acquisitions

Only one of these will get you to the finish line.

Scott Ambler, Mark Lines talk business agility

The creators of the Disciplined Agile Framework will host a conference and present workshops for a week in July, says IndigoCube.

Technology, putting the 'resource' in human resources

6 hours ago

HR is a highly skilled profession which can benefit from technologies which complement these skills, creating efficiencies and enhancing effectiveness, says Andrew Hoseck, COO at In2IT Technologies.

Embracing the contributions of millennial professionals

Without these millennial influencers, companies and industries will run the risk of stagnating and being left behind in the technological and business evolution, says Inga Davids, a Business Consultant at Saratoga.

Ensuring your BI project succeeds

Why is Business Intelligence so difficult to implement? It's not the technology that's to blame, it's business ownership and accountability.

Tips for investing in volatile surroundings

Holding companies would do well to focus on building and maintaining a sound investing plan, says Greg Morris, CEO of MICROmega Holdings.

Big sales have mixed results for Datatec


The sale of both Westcon Americas and Logicalis SMC resulted in a mixed bag of results for Datatec, with no dividend declared.

Cloud offers a silver lining to the insurance industry

Insurers who choose to adopt a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model will reap the benefits of this investment very quickly... it ensures a much lower cost per policy in the short to medium term by negating the need "to throw tin and processing power" at the problem.

Sharing is caring

Maintaining a transparent company culture keeps the confusion to a mimum with regard to strategy and action, says Adept ICT Solutions.

B2B e-commerce: three layers to growth

The Comalytics B2B e-commerce system can be customised to fit any business situation, says Jannie du Toit, CEO of Comalytics.