Altron bridges the gap by fast-tracking over 80 graduates into tech sector

Graduate programme recognises the importance of not only providing job opportunities, but also building a platform for personal and professional growth.

Johannesburg, 23 Oct 2023
Phumzile Hlatshwayo, Head of Human Capital across Altron’s IT Services businesses.
Phumzile Hlatshwayo, Head of Human Capital across Altron’s IT Services businesses.

In a country battling an unemployment crisis, Altron is proud to announce the launch of its 2023 IT Services graduate programme.

A survey conducted by the Manpower Group in 2022 found significant talent shortages across most sectors in South Africa, reaching as high as 78%. Among these sectors, IT stands out as one of the most in need of skilled talent.

As a prominent player in the local IT industry, Altron’s 2023 graduate programme will see an intake of over 80 young professionals, thereby taking steps to address both the tech skills shortage and youth unemployment.

“Key to any South African business is the need to upskill and build a talented workforce, a commitment that tackles two of the most pressing challenges facing the country right now – unemployment and skills development,” says Phumzile Hlatshwayo, Head of Human Capital across Altron’s IT Services businesses.

Designed to empower recent graduates with the skills and experience they need to embark on exciting careers in the tech sector, this programme will see a meaningful impact made in the lives of these graduates, with each graduate receiving individual attention and support on their career journey in IT.

Altron's continued dedication to combating unemployment is reflected in the fact that more than 80% of graduates are being absorbed into permanent positions. This investment in young talent signifies a long-term strategy to empower and equip the future workforce. The company envisions these graduates contributing significantly to both their personal growth and the success of Altron as a whole.

“The tech sector has the potential to offer substantial employment opportunities in South Africa, contributing to economic growth and innovation. This graduate programme further illustrates Altron’s substantial commitment to nurturing young talent, while addressing the growing demand for skilled professionals,” says Managing Director of Altron Systems Integration and Altron Karabina, Collin Govender.

Graduates will be placed in different business units, where they will gain experience in data and AI, workforce management and software engineering. These units span Altron’s various IT Services businesses, including Altron Systems Integration and Altron Karabina.

As Altron continues to welcome these fresh talents, they are not only building a promising future for their organisation, but also playing a vital role in shaping the career trajectories and lives of these young professionals. This initiative exemplifies Altron's commitment to making a difference in the lives of the youth and in building a brighter tomorrow for both their employees and the company itself, with the company's leaders and mentors guiding these graduates on their career journey and fostering an environment where they can thrive.

“While at their core, organisations strive for profits and results, companies need to focus on building graduate programmes that focus on the core principles of skills development, managerial skills, coaching and personal confidence,” says Hlatshwayo. “These, like the one currently in place at Altron, prioritise people and show how the organisation values their contributions to the business.” 


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