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Altron HealthTech launches patient-centric telemedicine offering with RecoMed

Johannesburg, 17 Aug 2020

Altron HealthTech’s practice management solutions arm, MedeMass, in partnership with RecoMed, has launched a patient-centred telemedicine solution to address some of the current healthcare needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. As demand for telemedicine offerings surges, healthcare providers around the country are set to benefit from the integration between the market leaders in medical practice software and patient booking platforms, respectively.

The integration with RecoMed will see Altron HealthTech’s practice management products, Elixir Live and MedeMass Plus, bringing seamless telemedicine online booking and video consultation capabilities to over 6 000 healthcare practices across South Africa. The offering is designed to drive practice growth by providing in-demand telemedicine services and online bookings to new and existing patients, supported by RecoMed’s established patient network and market place channels.

The integration supports Altron HealthTech’s strategy to provide innovation that matters by delivering better patient outcomes. This is founded on the company’s mission to be a trusted healthcare technology solutions partner in the healthcare industry.

According to Andrew Brown, Operations Executive for Altron HealthTech, collaborating with RecoMed on this innovative solution has long been in the pipeline. “COVID-19 placed the need for advanced telemedicine technology under the spotlight. Our teams had to ensure that we developed a solution that not only allows for virtual consultations but has a guaranteed secure digital footprint.”

Sheraan Amod, CEO and Founder of RecoMed, said: “By joining forces, RecoMed and Altron HealthTech are forging a safe and easy new path for patients to access virtual consultations with doctors they trust, 24/7. With combined customer networks we bring unprecedented scale to this platform and see this further improving the ease at which patients can book the appointments they want while significantly growing volumes at the healthcare practices that we service. We see these adoption trends continuing to accelerate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and remain entrenched well after.”

The integration extends the medical professional’s reachability, as many patients fear visiting the medical practice during this precarious time. Additionally, virtual consultations add an increase to practice revenue at a time where face-to-face consults have proven difficult. For patients, the process of booking a telemedicine appointment on the RecoMed platform is much like booking a normal appointment. The solution does not require patients and their healthcare providers to install additional apps to have telemedicine consultations. They need only access the booking confirmation link from inside their Altron HealthTech practice management application or RecoMed portal to begin the telemedicine consult.

Brown further states that providing an integrated and efficient practice workflow within the company’s practice management applications has always been an important priority for Altron HealthTech and the offering supports this vision. “Telemedicine is a natural fit to Altron HealthTech’s cloud-based applications, allowing doctors to access virtual consult details from inside their practice management application, as well as edit clinical notes and access patient health records remotely. From an appointment diary to billing and e-scripting, the patient workflow is seamless, thus ensuring that we support the doctor to deliver better patient outcomes,” says Brown.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global telehealth market size is projected to reach USD $267 billion by 2026.


Altron HealthTech

Altron HealthTech, comprising of MedeMass, MediSwitch and MedeServe has over 30 years of experience providing practice management and electronic claims switching technology to the healthcare industry. The company focuses specifically on healthcare practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solutions, with the goal of delivering business solutions that minimise administration costs so that more resources can be focused on the patient.

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RecoMed is South Africa’s largest and fastest growing online health booking platform and digital healthcare marketplace for in-person or virtual care. Using RecoMed, consumers can quickly find quality healthcare providers, read recommendations from verified patients, and make hassle-free bookings, 24/7. RecoMed gives healthcare providers a proven way to grow their practices while improving the overall patient experience. Over 150,000 patients and 2,200 providers connect with each other every month via RecoMed.

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