IT in Healthcare
15 Apr

Fintech firm uses analytics to offer affordable palliative care

New fintech start-up Alignd uses data analytics to profile patients, offering medical schemes affordable healthcare alternatives.

12 Apr

How Google is using AI to solve African problems

Google researchers at an artificial intelligence lab based in Ghana deploy the technology to address Afro-centric challenges.

3 Apr

Hospital surveillance needs security 'health check'

Developments in IP technology make it possible to cost-effectively build 4K UHD surveillance cameras into existing infrastructure, says Laurence Smith, executive at Graphic Image Technologies.


AI fights fraud and data breaches

Artificial intelligence helps users protect their personal information seamlessly, without the active involvement of the user, says Analyze Consulting.


Service excellence in healthcare

Innovative technology enhancing healthcare service delivery that's positively impacting the lives of Western Cape citizens.

Mar 19, 2019

Wellness initiatives essential for company growth

Employee wellness is not just an event, but something that permeates every facet of SilverBridge, says Ruth Wotela, people wellness executive at SilverBridge.


Every business needs high-performance BI team

Aspen Pharmacare's Alishna Maharaj discusses the importance of leveraging an analytics team to drive business success.

Mar 11, 2019

eBook: NTT Security uncovers cybersecurity threats facing the healthcare industry

Organisations in the healthcare sector are lucrative targets for attackers, says NTT Security.


New app helps HIV-positive children navigate life

The KidzAlive Talk Tool App empowers HIV-positive children with the information required to live a healthy lifestyle.

Feb 26, 2019

Health communications tools

In the unique environment that is healthcare, personal mobile devices are simply not good enough to provide what can be a life and death service; specialised solutions are required.

Feb 25, 2019

New diagnostic device detects hepatitis B in 15 minutes

Developed by global healthcare firm Abbott, the device rapidly tests for hepatitis B using serum, plasma or whole blood.