IT in Healthcare
2 Aug

5G to unlock R67bn value for Sub-Saharan Africa

Releasing 5G mmWave capacity will create global economic expansion valued at $565 billion, says the GSM Association.


3D printing boom stirs legal questions

With industries accelerating their practical uses of 3D printing, many legal, ethical and practical concerns have emerged.


SA’s average data breach cost jumps to R43.3m

An IBM report reveals R43.3 million is the average total cost of a data breach in SA, a 12.16% increase from 2018.


Mint Group clinches gold in IAMCP Awards Program

The global tech innovator won gold for the EMEA region for driving transformation in education and health, said Carel du Toit, CEO, Mint Group.


Venture Capital firms must invest in technology!

These firms should contribute to technology impact investing, an emerging sub-asset class where tech is applied to global challenges to harness solutions.


Netcare, Founders scout for African health-tech start-ups

Participating start-ups will have access to global capital, talent and knowledge transfer through the Founders Factory Africa and Netcare initiative.


Dell makes good on $20bn R&D investment

The technology giant’s five-year investment to accelerate innovation in education, healthcare and agriculture is paying off.


AI pilot results at Limpopo clinic set to change face of public healthcare

A pilot initiative implemented by Microsoft partner Mint Group and the Limpopo Department of Health at Rethabile Clinic, Polokwane, proves the viability of intelligent healthcare at government clinics.

Jun 6, 2019

KDS Direct responds to hospital SOS

The company's document management solutions can be customised to address core challenges in hospitals.

Jun 3, 2019

Global wearable device shipments see 55% increase

Ongoing global demand fuels a strong growth trajectory for wearable devices, says IDC.

May 23, 2019

Fortify on Demand provides affordable, effective application security

Change Healthcare can test applications at a fraction of the cost and time it took previously with Micro Focus's Fortify on Demand.