Altron Karabina launches Qiniseka, SA’s first IT cost-saving assurance

Altron Karabina is excited to introduce Qiniseka, their latest service offering that guarantees to reveal IT cost savings within South African businesses.

Johannesburg, 09 Sep 2022

Too many IT companies are paying more for software than they should be. Often, due to complex licence agreements and pressure facing IT leaders, they easily overlook the benefits they have access to. IT leaders pay more than they need to due to repeat buying, sometimes even signing contracts that are more expensive than they ought to be. Many times, they end up purchasing more, or fewer, licences than they need. The right Microsoft Gold Partner could easily help IT leaders manage these problems effectively. Per Eric Christopher, Co-founder and CEO of Zylo, a 2018 BSA survey found that “organisations can achieve as much as 30% savings in annual software costs by managing licences via a robust optimisation program”. (Forbes) 

The complexity around licensing results in a ripple effect. Teams in need of specific licences wind up purchasing theirs independently. The intricacy of these agreements means that teams outside of IT do not know what they actually have access to. According to Adrian Bridgewater: “Software licences come in various different forms. Some licences are based on the number of users (seats) subscribed, some are based on other measures of consumption (such as the amount of ‘calls’ made to a big data analytics engine, for example), and others are based on older one-off perpetual licence charges… and still, others are based on some hybrid combination of all of the above.” (Forbes) Software licence agreements are not easy for an individual to decipher unless they have an IT background.

South Africa is rife with unemployment and has been hard-hit by a recent spate of post-COVID disasters such as looting, flooding and load-shedding, among others. The last thing South African businesses need is for leaders to spend more than is necessary. Any wasteful expenditure eats into already tight budgets. This prevents IT leaders from making the purchases they really need to make.

A solution for South African businesses

Qiniseka is an isiZulu word meaning “to be sure” or “to assure”. This term was chosen because it aptly conveys the certainty that this solution brings to leaders and organisations. If Qiniseka exposes any tech-related problems within your business, Altron Karabina will be able to fix them. Altron Karabina is so confident in its product that they have reinforced these guarantees. Should Qiniseka fail to show clients and organisations a reduction in expenses, or if it exposes a problem Altron Karabina cannot fix, they will not charge clients. South African businesses are the clear winners here as they stand to save costs either way.

With proven, certified expertise in solving key South African business problems related to cloud infrastructure, data, analytics and AI, productivity and collaboration, and business applications, Altron Karabina is hardly a novice in the tech game. The company is a Microsoft LSP, Direct CSP and Digital Transformation Partner which has established an authentic business relationship with some of South Africa’s top brands and organisations, from ABinBev to Coca-Cola Beverages, Dis-Chem Pharmacies, MultiChoice, Famous Brands, Mr Price, Alexander Forbes and Anglo American, to name a few. The trust they have built within these relationships over time serves as an assurance to prospective clients that Altron Karabina has their best interest at heart. The Qiniseka launch will only serve to reaffirm this.

To find out more about Qiniseka, visit or follow Altron Karabina on LinkedIn. 


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