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Altron Karabina’s project management office named runner-up at SA PMO Awards

Johannesburg, 14 Feb 2023

Altron Karabina, a leading technology solutions provider across Africa and the Middle East, has announced that the company’s project management office (PMO) has been named a runner-up in the prestigious annual South African PMO Awards, facilitated by the local office of PMO Global Awards. This follows the PMO being awarded the Rising Star Award by the same organisation in September last year. 

The PMO Global Alliance was founded in 2017 and has become the largest and most relevant global community of PMOs (project management offices) and PMO professionals, with active members in more than 100 countries. The organisation runs the PMO Global Awards, which it states are the largest and most prestigious global awards for PMOs, projects and PMO professionals.

What makes this achievement all the more remarkable, says Tyffany Dyason, Project Manager at Altron Karabina, is that it comes during a time when there were several new employees joining the PMO senior team. Despite the changes, there was a strong cohesion within the team and it did not negatively impact the high performance of the office and it was ‘business as usual’.

“In the three-month period between the initial submission of documents for this award and a second, more refined submission, there has been a noticeable progression in the work we had done in documenting the PMO’s achievements. In addition, we were privileged to have a highly experienced mentor – assigned to us by PMO South Africa – who guided us on ways to further improve our submission from the first time. We are also grateful that they have facilitated this long-lasting relationship with someone who can assist us well beyond these awards,” says Dyason.

The submission for the awards featured a video that gives a detailed overview of the Altron Karabina, its processes and procedures, before introducing the PMO and its team members, and then unpacking the role of the office within the larger organisation. A highlight here was that every member of the PMO team was able to participate in the video submission, which can also serve as a useful guide when onboarding new employees to the PMO team in the future.

“It is hard to put tangible metrics in place for PMO teams to measure their progress over time, but taking part in the PMO Awards every year helps us take stock. We have gone far along the journey at the awards this time around, and it is evident to us as a team that we need to strive to continue improving going forward.

“It’s a good start, though; our Rising Star Award and runner-up position in SA has helped create awareness for the PMO within the organisation. This recognition gained by the team has become a talking point within the company and created an interest in the office – our colleagues now want to learn more about the PMO and its crucial role within the organisation,” adds Dyason.

For more information, contact Altron Karabina here.


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