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ALX readies more young Africans for digital careers

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 07 Dec 2023
ALX’s curriculum emphasises coding, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce skills.
ALX’s curriculum emphasises coding, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce skills.

Technology training and skills development provider ALX has set a target to train 750 000 learners throughout Africa in 2024, with 10% of these targeted to be in SA.

According to a statement, the new target forms part of ALX's vision to equip 2.5 million young Africans with digital skills by 2030.

Together with its partner − the Mastercard Foundation − its mission is to transform the future of Africa by enabling two million young professionals to secure meaningful work opportunities by 2030.

ALX is an African technology training provider, equipping young people with in-demand technical skills and soft skills that enable them to thrive in the global digital economy.

A brand of African Leadership International, its blended learning programmes are designed to help learners and professionals build their careers in high-growth industries, to become digital leaders for the 21st century.

According to ALX, the training is subsidised by the Mastercard Foundation; however, there is a small administration fee the students are required to pay.

“Radical shifts in African tech education are essential to meet the growing global demand for digital skills,” says ALX South Africa GM Divesh Sooka.

“The need to address the massive global demand for tech skills and rampant youth unemployment, not only in this country, but the continent as a whole, requires intensive tech education training that can be rolled out and scaled quickly.”

The ICT skills gap continues to widen, hindering the continent's digital transformation efforts, according to research firm Vanson Bourne.

Researchers from Debt Rescue have highlighted seven of the most in-demand jobs in SA. These positions include database design, development, administration, software development and data analysis – all of which are crucial roles in today's tech-driven world.

ALX’s curriculum includes crucial soft skills, with an emphasis on coding, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce skills.

The organisation says it recently introduced a three-month foundational digital skills course.

“This vital phase is designed to enhance confidence and learner retention. We've also minimised barriers to entry, with a once-off administrative fee. Our partnership with the Mastercard Foundation enables us to waive the remaining programme fees for thousands of eligible learners across Africa.”

ALX says its vision extends beyond immediate skill-building, as it is also fostering a new wave of digital entrepreneurs.

In the last year, 3 500 entrepreneurs have been trained through the company’s entrepreneurship support arm, ALX Ventures, each employing an average of five to seven people.