ALX sets 2024 ICT skills training goal for Africa

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 31 Jan 2024
ALX targets to train 750 000 young people throughout Africa this year.
ALX targets to train 750 000 young people throughout Africa this year.

Technology skills training provider ALX aims to train 750 000 youths throughout Africa this year, with 10% of these targeted to be in SA.

The training and career accelerator says it has facilitated digital skills training for over 85 000 students since 2021, with 85% of its graduates finding employment.

There is an accelerated push in the ICT industry to ensure local youth are equipped with critical skills that address the sector’s skills shortage and prepare them for future jobs.

ICT pundits have stressed the need to nurture new growth and job creation opportunities, with a particular focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills, saying these will play a crucial role in creating employment opportunities for unemployed youth.

Divesh Sooka, GM of ALX South Africa, says with one of the world's fastest-growing and most youthful populations, the African continent has an unparalleled opportunity to address the global technology talent shortage.

“Our country is full of vibrant and passionate young talent that have the potential to address the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, while at the same time embracing a future-proof career in some of the most in-demand jobs in the world.”

ALX is an African technology training provider, equipping young people with in-demand technical skills and soft skills to enable them to thrive in the global digital economy.

Together with its partner − the Mastercard Foundation − its mission is to transform the future of Africa by enabling two million young professionals to secure meaningful work opportunities by 2030.

Available fully online, or through its tech hubs in Braamfontein and Sophiatown, Johannesburg, ALX’s curriculum includes crucial soft skills, with an emphasis on coding, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce skills.

“Success is possible when education is accessible,” notes Sooka. “We aim to empower our young people to become agile digital leaders, enabling them, our country, our continent and the rest of the world to thrive in an age of digital transformation.”