Amazon integrates Buy with Prime with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 11 Jan 2024
Amazon, Salesforce team up for new Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
Amazon, Salesforce team up for new Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Amazon and Salesforce have announced a collaboration to integrate Buy with Prime into Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The move by the two e-commerce giants promises to give Salesforce merchants the ability to seamlessly incorporate Buy with Prime into their existing online stores, adding a variety of new features for shoppers.

Buy with Prime lets online retailers offer Prime members fast, free delivery, trusted checkout, and other perks directly on their own websites.

In a statement , Amazon says that a key feature of the new initiative is the ability for shoppers to easily search and filter for Prime eligible items and other items within the same order.

Salesforce merchants can expand their customer base and boost conversion rates by providing the convenience of Prime benefits, including fast and free delivery, a secure checkout process, live chat support, and returns.

Peter Larsen, Amazon’s VP of Buy with Prime, emphasised the significance of this integration, stating, “Now with new features that build Buy with Prime seamlessly into search, cart, and checkout, Salesforce merchants have even more flexibility and functionality to provide Buy with Prime while maintaining control over their stores’ look and feel.”

Another feature is the streamlining of day-to-day operations for merchants, facilitated by automatic synchronisation with Salesforce Order Management. This synchronisation covers orders, promotions and catalogue listings.

Merchants also have the flexibility to customise the placement and appearance of the Buy with Prime experience throughout their product, cart, and checkout pages.

The collaboration leverages a shared inventory pool with Amazon’s logistics network, allowing Buy with Prime merchants to scale their inventory across multiple sales channels, reduce out-of-stock rates, and accelerate delivery times.

The new cloud solution is currently available on an invite-only access, while a broader roll-out will happen later this year.