APNs for Africa

Johannesburg, 02 Nov 2022

While corporate APN offerings haven’t changed much in the last 20 years, the needs of businesses have. The growth of fintech, point of sale and cellular IOT, as well as SD-WAN LTE backup and remote working, all require more cost-effective managed mobile data connectivity. Often, these needs extend into Africa.

execMobile’s APN data solution offers managed mobile data connectivity across multiple networks, on a single platform, removing administrative and technical complexity, while offering a factor decrease in cost.

Enjoy rates of 6.5c/MB, across Vodacom and MTN in South Africa, paying only for the data consumed across all your pooled SIM cards, with no term or bundle commitments.

execMobile’s APN includes SIM level data quota management (radius), fire-walling and SIM IP options, keeping you in control via our SIMpliCITY platform.

APN as a service is just another buzzword, but below are key attributes of our APN “service”.

  • Single rate: one low rate per country. Pay only for the data you use.
  • Dual network: we offer coverage on at least two major networks per country.
  • Pooled data: SIM level control, but only one bill across all SIMs.
  • No term: flexibility to scale SIM numbers monthly.
  • No bundles: learn what you spend, without having to commit to any volume.
  • Cloud networking: radius, firewall and SIM IP options included.
  • SIMpliCITY: single SIM management platform to keep you in control.
  • APIs: use your data in your applications.

execMobile’s APN solution is ideal for cellular IOT (high number of SIMs, low data volume), fintech payment systems (private network, optimal security and costs), SD-WAN backup (large number of sites, occasional high usage), call centre agents (low voice latency, low APN rates) and roaming (global coverage, one rate per country).

You essentially don’t have to select between pre-paid, APN or roaming solutions as you receive the benefit of all with our solution. We offer low cost, pooled data for African solutions. We maintain that for low data volume requirements (eg, IOT), the monthly costs per SIM are lower than pre-paid. For higher occasional use cases (eg, SD-WAN backup), our rates make pooled LTE backup sensible, and for Africa (or globally), our single rate per country simplifies roaming for customers.



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