Are you an ISP, MSP, WISP? Use LucidView Cloud, give your company an edge

Johannesburg, 06 Aug 2019

Over the past decade, we have seen a rapid growth in Internet usage in all sectors of our society, from children as young as 10 with smartphones, to small and medium enterprises that rely on the Internet to get business done, to large enterprises that would struggle to exist without global connectivity.

With the costs of data dropping, the large-scale roll-out of fibre, what added value do you as a service provider offer that gives you an edge over your competitors?

You could develop your own solution that provides your client with early detection and notification systems, but this would use valuable resources like time and money in an area that is not your main business focus. You could also purchase prebuilt systems and attempt to integrate them. Either option is going to cost you significantly in time and money.

Emerging global trends are beginning to indicate that the largest and most successful connectivity providers all have at least one thing in common: a cloud-based partner providing a service that enriches and complements their existing service offerings.

LucidView is that cloud-based partner, and it has a solution designed specifically for you. LucidView offer a 100% white label, back-end cloud solution that will allow you, the service provider, to offer your clients a comprehensive value-add to their current services, services branded as your own. These include:

Content filtering

Content filtering that is not reliant on the standard lists available and can be customised per client or profile; it can even provide one client with multiple profiles so that different groups of users have access to different content. LucidView's content filter is constantly learning and adds, analyses and classifies thousands of new domains daily to its already enormous database.

It then provides you with a number of categories to select from that can be outright blocked, always available or only available for specified periods, depending on your clients' requirements. As LucidView's content filtering is enforced using a two-pronged approach, the company can ensure even the savviest technophiles will struggle to circumvent yours or your customer’s Internet usage policy.

Reporting and dashboards

LucidView's white label back-end solution allows you to also provide visibility on Internet traffic to your clients, in the form of detailed, granular reporting on which device is accessing or attempting to access what site, when and for how long. Security reports showing which devices attempted to connect to known malware sites. Connections that are suspicious are often ransomware or malware. Devices that are making hundreds of connections at a time and are likely infected. The solution comes with a number of ready-made predefined reports; however, any custom report can be created.

LucidView's dashboards are not simply dashboards that show the network at a glance, they are interactive and can be used to drill down into an area should any anomaly appear. As with its reports, the company has predefined ready-to-use dashboards; however, you or your client can create custom dashboards to meet specific requirements if necessary. These dashboards are ideal for holistic network monitoring and can add a whole new dimension to your NOC, SOC or support centre.

Intrusion detection and prevention

LucidView's solution comes standard with intrusion detection and prevention. Each and every connection that comes into or leaves the network is analysed and categorised; any connection that appears suspicious is immediately killed off or blocked. In addition, the solution examines traffic patterns and can thus immediately detect and block suspicious or extraordinary activity.

Fairshare and bandwidth allocation

LucidView has developed an extremely user-friendly bandwidth allocation solution. This solution is designed to ensure everyone on the network is able to do what they need to without impacting other users. Fairshare ensures even during periods of saturation, users' responsiveness is not impacted.

The solution is designed to run on MikroTik Routers and is approved and certified by MikroTik.

Building your value-add

LucidView provides a config script for ISPs, FNOs, MSPs, WISPs and other service providers to run on their existing MikroTik Routers. On LucidView's Web site, you will find details on: How it Works and How to Build Your Own LucidView Bolt-On Enforcer, accompanied by detailed instructions and videos.

Remember, this is a white label, back-end solution, so you can completely customise and brand it to represent your company.

Live demo, free trial and pricing

LucidView also offers a live demo and a 30-day free trial, which it encourages you to make use of, as it will clearly show you the value you provide your clients, and provide you with a clear idea of what it will cost. The company has made this solution extremely affordable in order to provide that competitive edge discussed at the start.

Please feel free to contact LucidView should you require more information or assistance, or visit the Web site at


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