Are you prepared for POPIA compliance?

By Suzanne Franco, Surveys Editorial Project Manager at ITWeb.
Johannesburg, 15 Aug 2019
Jeannine Naude-Viljoen, general counsel for TransUnion Africa.
Jeannine Naude-Viljoen, general counsel for TransUnion Africa.

ITWeb, in partnership with TransUnion, is running a Data Privacy Survey to find out how prepared South African companies are to comply with the regulations set out in the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).

While organisations large and small have had a long time to ensure compliance with POPIA, do they fully understand how this will impact their business and go-to-market strategy?

Jeannine Naude-Viljoen, general counsel for TransUnion Africa, says the main objective of the survey is to understand the extent to which executives think POPIA will impact their business and capture their points of view regarding the legislation and organisational readiness for compliance.

The input from the survey will guide future solutions to solve this matter, adds Naude-Viljoen.

“Data privacy compliance will become integral to ensuring business sustainability, and companies that successfully incorporate these principles will not only be compliant and avoid regulatory scrutiny, fines and reputational damage, but will also be able to use this as a key differentiator,” she says.

Compliance as a competitive advantage

With the introduction of more regulations, organisations have seen the cost of compliance increase dramatically, directly impacting bottom lines.

“This has to become part of the cost of doing business. If you’re able to embrace the principle of ‘privacy by design’ early on in the process, it will not only help to drive a data privacy culture, but also assist in planning ahead,” advises Naude-Viljoen.

The biggest financial impact could be fines imposed for non-compliance.

“Data privacy needs to become part of your organisation’s DNA and embedded in your culture,” Naude-Viljoen says. “Embracing this as a competitive advantage rather than a deterrent will be a true differentiator in a market where everyone is running around trying to figure out how to manage this beast called data privacy.”

Naude-Viljoen believes data privacy compliance is not something that can be outsourced, as it’s principle-based legislation, which requires an evaluation of the organisation’s own processes when it comes to applying a data privacy framework.

Make your voice heard

By completing this quick survey, respondents will contribute towards our research and stand a chance to win a Google Home Hub valued at R2 800.

The results report, together with the name of the lucky-draw prize winner, will be published on ITWeb.

Complete the 2019 Data Privacy Survey.