Governance, Risk and Compliance

Telcos happy to see ECA Bill taken out of play

Telecoms operators welcome the government's withdrawal of the "flawed" and controversial Electronic Communications Amendment Bill from Parliament.


Is your testing partner ISO 27001 compliant?

Companies need to regularly review their information security management system to ensure it continues protecting their critical information, says Jacques Fouche, MD of DVT Western Cape.


ECA Bill withdrawn

Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams shelves the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill, noting Parliament is unlikely to finalise it before the upcoming general elections.

8 Feb

Eskom at odds with researcher over alleged database leak

The power utility refutes claims by a cyber security researcher that a database leaked online belongs to the parastatal.

8 Feb

Bad strategy execution: the bane of good business

Risk management, auditing activities and compliance must be tied to and aligned with the corporate strategy, says e-SEK.


Procure-to-pay in public sector

Automated P2P process in government departments is essential for clean audits.


Mining sector: stepping into 4IR

Advances in technology and artificial intelligence in the mining industry raise issues like data protection, intellectual property ownership and legal liability, says Aalia Manie, a partner at Webber Wentzel.


History of South African cyber legislation

With new legislation in place, cyber insurance provides comprehensive cover to respond to previously uninsurable risks, says ITOO.


The disability equity minefield

Businesses can increase their broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard rating by investing in disability initiatives, but they need to do so for the right reasons.


Good governance is key to keeping strategic customers

The principles of good governance are elementary to the success and long-term sustainability of all businesses, says Charl Ueckermann, CEO of AVeS Cyber Security.

6 Feb

Google's EUR50m fine to impact content, CX teams

Content and customer experience teams must be thoroughly trained in all aspects of the GDPR, says Tim Walters of the Content Advisory.