Governance, Risk and Compliance

Having only half the information can cost you

Sabinet's Bill Tracker and Parliamentary Documents service is an online legal information service for users to find legal information relevant to them.


What happens when the board fails the business?

Governance is on everyone lips these days and all look towards the c-suite to implement it. But what about boards?


MiX Telematics 'disappointed' with cartel conduct probe

The company says its relationship with its channel partners is entirely in line with accepted competition principles.


Blow for tech giants as EU approves copyright laws

Under the new law, online platforms will have to sign licensing agreements with authors and publishers to use their work.


Vodacom Tanzania settles charges against execs

Tanzanian authorities release five Vodacom employees, including the managing director, after the operator pays a $2.3 million settlement fee.


Time to get personal about our privacy

It's time to face the reality of the world in which we live, where almost any service we use runs on our personal data.

9 Apr

Data protection struggles in the data age

Globally, most companies recognise the value of data, even as they battle to protect it adequately, according to the Dell EMC Global Data Protection Index.


How does CSR tie into digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a non-negotiable in a data-driven digital world. Everybody is doing it. The next evolution, and one identified by Atos, is sustainable digital transformation.


Learnerships can improve unemployment figures

Companies can make a significant difference to the country's frighteningly high unemployment statistics by getting involved in learnership programmes.


SARS IT boss seeks return, says source

As SARS remains mum on Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane's employment status, a source tells ITWeb the embattled IT boss is looking to return to the revenue service.

8 Apr

IT professionalism, ethics crucial: IITPSA

ICT mismanagement or failure can cause chaos, impacting economies, businesses and daily life, says Tony Parry, CEO of IITPSA.