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POPI set to be a 'rude awakening' for SA businesses

The industry watchdog will be looking to make an impact when the legislation finally comes into force, says Webber Wentzel.

Africa's limited data protection laws heighten GDPR significance

A lot of countries on the continent have no data protection legislation whatsoever, warns Deloitte's data privacy specialist.

One user, one e-mail can bring down a company

Too many organisations still neglect the security basics in the face of increasing risks of ransomware attacks.

Beware of 'blinded random block corruption' attacks

Very few systems offer memory encryption, which makes them vulnerable to attack, says Intel's Rodrigo Branco

Facebook's Zuckerberg grilled by EU lawmakers

5 hours ago

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sailed through the interrogation from €EU lawmakers as lengthy questions left him little time to answer.

Businesses ignore OS licensing at their peril


Open source licence non-compliance is a major risk for companies of all sizes, the 2018 OSSRA report reveals.

It's your job to secure anything that uses electricity

Soon, we won't even know that our devices are talking to the manufacturers, says Mikko Hypponen.

Netflix, Cell C's Black turn up the heat on MultiChoice


While the video-on-demand service is open to regulation in SA, Cell C's Black says the hype around Netflix is exaggerated.

Profile hackers to stop them in their tracks

There are five kinds of hackers, says Mikko Hypponen, keynote speaker at ITWeb Security Summit 2018.

Privacy in digital marketing


Companies should plan and implement a data privacy audit to determine whether there are any potential weaknesses in their approach, says Grapevine.

Cambridge Analytica files for bankruptcy in US

The political consultancy at the centre of Facebook's privacy scandal files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the US.

Security Summit 2018: How to implement DevSecOps

RMB's Jason Suttie will cover the steps to implementing DevSecOps