ARM, Quarri ink Web security deal

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 11 Jul 2014

African security management provider African Risk Mitigation (ARM) has signed a distribution agreement with Quarri Technologies, a Web information security software company that empowers organisations to keep their sensitive data secure, to distribute its Web and browser security solutions.

The products, Data Safe, Armored Browser and Perimeter Shield, offer protection against malicious threats, both internal and external, including the malicious or careless handling of data by employees.

In a statement, the companies say over the past few years, the Web browser has grown hugely in popularity as an infection vector for vulnerable hosts. Cyber criminals, realising that many companies are slack when it comes to keeping the browser updated and secure, are maximising this vulnerability to achieve their malicious ends, they add.

ARM's Ross Khan says with Quarri, IT practitioners can deliver and enforce secure Web sessions on demand, as the Quarri solutions prevent any unauthorised use and replication of confidential data while it is in transport or use.

"Quarri's solutions cover all a business' data protection needs, without compromising user experience," says Khan. "The solutions offer 360-degree browser protection, particularly important today, because unsecured browsers remain the largest threat to enterprises in regards to data security. The suite of products protects information from being stolen through infected endpoints with active malware, compromised Web sites from infecting endpoints and malicious or careless insiders from replicating sensitive information."

Moreover, Khan says, companies can use Quarri's products in conjunction with other security technologies to deliver and enforce the use of a hardened browser, which offers unprecedented endpoint security, control and visibility for sensitive Web sessions.

The first product in the range, Perimeter Shield, allows Web applications to instantly protect browser-delivered information from hidden malware and network-based attacks on both managed and unmanaged endpoints. Using patented technology, the hardened browser shields sensitive data from key loggers, frame grabbers, session hijacking, cache miners and other hidden malware.

Secondly, Data Safe enables Web applications to protect and control browser-delivered information preventing both malware-based and user-driven information leaks, on both managed and unmanaged endpoints. Granular policies enable control of user actions such as saving, printing or copying of information in the hardened browser, and detailed logging of data replication operations.

Finally, Armored Browser protects Windows systems from drive-by downloads and other Web-borne malware attacks, both on managed and unmanaged endpoints. Using advanced bidirectional process isolation, Armored Browser prevents even zero-day attacks from infecting protected systems.

"Not securing the Web browser can lead very quickly to a slew of problems caused by anything from spyware being installed without consent, to threat actors taking control of your machine," adds Khan. "By adding Quarri to the ARM stable, we are helping our customers protect their most sensitive data delivered via the Internet to endpoint devices like PCs, laptops and mobile devices."

Quarri's executive VP of business development, Carter McCrary says: "As Quarri continues its rapid expansion across the globe, it becomes imperative for us to find the right channel base, which understands the accelerating demand by security professionals for comprehensive browser protection. ARM's reach in Africa will help us scale exponentially to meet this growing demand."