Is cloud the alpha and omega?

Most cloud migrations are complex projects involving many processes, people and change management, says Sonja Weber: lead delivery solution manager at T-Systems SA.

ZTE resumes SA operations after US lifts ban

The Chinese company recommences business in SA after suspending operations across the globe following biting US sanctions.


SkyGroup appointed Barco ClickShare training centre

SkyGroup will be able to provide its resellers with customised training sessions on how to best use, deploy and support Barco's presentation system.

ITWeb workshop to unpack requirements of GDPR, POPI

'Comparing the implementation requirements of the GDPR to those of POPIA' will run from 8am to 12:30pm on 6 November.


Building a high performance culture

The majority of employees perform tasks that are one level below their position in the organisation. Training can change that.

ZTE SA back on track

The company resumed operations immediately following the lifting of the ban by the US government.


SA software skills shortage needs attention

Flexible partnerships between the government and business are crucial if SA is to successfully upgrade its skills for the fourth industrial revolution, says BBD.


RubiBlue invests into potential of women in tech

For RubiBlue, Women's Month isn't just 31 days of recognising the value women add to the industry.


Putting purpose at the heart of business

Understand what drives you in order to feel passionate about what you do, says Claudia Stapleton, principal business consultant at BSG.


Musk under major emotional stress

In a tearful interview with the New York Times, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the past year had been the most difficult and painful of his career.

Telecoms ministry commits to women empowerment in tech

The department supports the TechnoGirl Trust, to empower young women from previously disadvantaged communities to participate in the digital economy.