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Online crowdfunding platform aims to raise R3 ml

Recently established equity crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa is looking to raise R3 million in capital to fund African literature publication.

PC market sees first positive growth in 6 years


Global shipments of traditional PCs in the fourth quarter of 2017 recorded slightly positive year-on-year growth.

Fruitlook helps drought stricken Cape farmers to save water


The innovative online platform has helped Cape farmers to improve their water usage by 10%.

The Knowledge Caf'e - time for innovation

Using a knowledge caf? for knowledge sharing and exploring new ideas to create open, nonjudgmental environment, says Tobin.

Chris Maroleng leaves MTN


Reports suggest the former MTN executive for group corporate affairs has been appointed as COO of the SABC.

Renewables tech to compete with fossils on price by 2020

A new cost analysis shows green energy prices will drop significantly in the next two years.

Rabelani Dagada removed as Joburg MMC of finance

The councillor has been suspended, pending an inquiry by the DA's Federal Legal Commission into alleged activities of undue influence and nepotism.

Intel CEO promises speedy patches for security flaw


By today, Intel will have issued updates for 90% of CPUs introduced in the past five years, with updates for the remainder available by the end of January.

Fears of end of chip boom as prices drop

A sudden decrease in some memory chip prices as well as a low profit forecast cause jitters among investors.

SoftBank considers IPO for Japan wireless unit


The conglomerate seeks to raise a reported $18 billion as the telecoms company considers listing its Japanese wireless business.

Ford plans $11bn electric car investment by 2022


Ford will significantly increase its investment in electric vehicles, and will have 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles in its line-up by 2022.

Setting service level expectations to gratify your customers, now

An appetite for immediate gratification driven by the consumer adoption of platforms such as WhatsApp, has led to the expectations of service evolving, says INOVO.

Smart city grid developments mean energy savings

New research from Juniper indicates that global citizens stand to save $14 billion per annum in energy bills by 2022.