AWS and Deloitte to push cloud adoption in growth markets

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 18 Apr 2024
Deloitte will launch AWS Centres of Excellence in strategic locations worldwide.
Deloitte will launch AWS Centres of Excellence in strategic locations worldwide.

Deloitte and AWS have entered into a multi-year agreement to help organisations in growth markets migrate to the cloud.

Deloitte is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, and the two companies have been collaborating on helping enterprises maximise their cloud investments for nearly a decade. This new global agreement extends the focus on growth markets, aiming to "help companies in all parts of the world to migrate their business operations to the cloud and prepare to compete in today’s digital economy".

As part of first phase of this agreement, Deloitte will launch dedicated AWS Centres of Excellence in strategic locations worldwide, kicking off across Sub-Saharan Africa, Spain, and Central Europe.

It plans to make a multimillion-dollar investment that includes hiring 800+ certified specialists and training practitioners on AWS services and capabilities.

A comprehensive suite of offerings will be made available to clients, as well as access to a broad range of AWS services from more than 56 offices in these initial regions.

The partnership will focus on:

  • Cloud strategy and governance: Difining roadmaps and governance models tailored to business objectives.
  • Cloud architecture: Leveraging landing zones to establish foundational security, connectivity, and automation capabilities.
  • Regulated industries:  Providing pecialised support across energy, e-commerce, insurance, banking, manufacturing, telecoms, healthcare, and public sectors to ensure cloud compliance.

Multi-disciplinary AWS consulting teams, training academies, innovation labs, and managed services will support local customers with digital transformations.

Tanuja Randery, managing director, EMEA at AWS, said: “Kicking off our strategic collaboration across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa is testimony to the potential we see for cloud technology to transform business and drive economic growth within this region. We know from our own research with Strand Partners that in Europe cloud-enabled tech adoption could add €3.4 trillion to the economy by 2030.

“In Africa, the appetite from businesses of all sizes to adopt cloud and AI is huge. If nurtured, its impact on the African economy will be transformative. We are proud of initiatives like the AWS Skills Centre which helps build a cloud enabled workforce,” added Randery.

Nishita Henry, Deloitte global chief commercial officer for AWS, said: “Moving to the cloud can be an intimidating undertaking that requires significant skills and resources. Through our expanded relationship with AWS, we are well-positioned to help our customers navigate this transition and maximise the business benefits of cloud computing in these growth markets.”