AWS announces layoffs across tech, sales, and global service divisions

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By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 04 Apr 2024
AWS announces more layoffs in organisational shift.
AWS announces more layoffs in organisational shift.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to cut a “few hundred” jobs within its tech, sales, and marketing divisions, it has been revealed. The announcement was delivered to employees via internal emails on Wednesday morning.

This move follows Amazon's broader downsizing efforts last year, which saw 9,000 job cuts across various sectors, including AWS, Twitch, and its HR and advertising units.

According to reports, the latest layoffs will predominantly impact AWS roles globally, with a notable concentration in the Seattle workforce, where Amazon's headquarters are located.

The story, initially reported by GeekWire, notes the specific areas within AWS targeted for reduction. In the sales, marketing, and global services organisation, the majority of the cuts are centred on training and certification, as well as sales operations.

"Hundreds" of jobs will be cut from the team developing technology for Amazon's physical Fresh grocery stores. This aligns with reports that Amazon is scaling back its "Just Walk Out" technology in larger Amazon Fresh grocery stores, in favour of "smart carts". 

It's understood that the Just Walk Out technology will still be offered in the smaller Amazon Go stores, as well as being available to third-party retailers.

The tech industry continues to grapple with widespread layoffs, with major players such as Meta, Google, Salesforce, Sony, Microsoft, and IBM all announcing workforce reductions this year.

In an internal corporate email, AWS senior VP Matt Garman emphasised the necessity of these decisions in positioning the organisation for future success and aligning with strategic priorities while minimising redundancies.

"We do not take these decisions lightly," he said, adding: “The changes we are making are preparing the organisation for the future, aligning with our strategy and priorities, and reducing duplication and inefficiency.”

ITWeb contacted AWS for more information, however, the company said it is not commenting on the matter at this time.