Digital Office Solutions

What are the biggest data storage challenges facing businesses?

These include the volume of data, its complexity and diversity, and problems related to cost, infrastructure, security and connectivity, says Corne du Preez, Technology Solutions Professional: Applications and Infrastructure, at Altron Karabina.


Serverless printing as a service soars

Blue Label Technology Distribution is showing organisations up to 200% return on investment in print infrastructure management.


Plan now to optimise cloud spend

Swopping a Capex and Capacity model for a Cost Control and Resource Optimisation approach is key to managing cloud spend effectively, says Nico Erasmus, senior SAM consultant, Blue Turtle Technologies.


The ins and outs of testing automation

Setting smaller, achievable goals to silo your risks and clearly defining what you want to automate can address resistance in organisations, says Steve Beck, Delivery Manager, Inspired Testing.


Insurance companies struggle with digital transformation

Paper and digital can find a way to coexist and business processes can become more consistent, says Lexmark.


Upgrade your huddle rooms to business class with Polycom Studio

Polycom Studio's new USB video bar combines best-in-class audio quality with affordable plug-and-play functionality that brings powerful conferencing into any room.

6 Aug

EOH Payroll ensures compliance, efficiency and accuracy with Qlik

Qlik has empowered us to develop a payroll governance, audit and management tool, which can serve as a replicable model internally and commercially,” says Sharon Krisch, Group HR & Payroll Services Manager, EOH.


Rise of the local hacker

Traditional IT security products like firewalls are still critical, but businesses need to guard against attacks from the inside, says Colin Thornton, MD, Turrito Networks.

30 Jul

Ready, reset, start over on your printer

If you need to clear your Xerox printer to send it on to another owner or department, reset it to its factory defaults. [Local rep: Altron Bytes Document Solutions]

30 Jul

IT is all about the experience

A digital environment that delivers what workers need in a simple, unified way will ensure engagement and productivity, says Helen Kruger, CEO of Troye.


IoT.nxt collaborates with UFS to develop future tech leaders

IoT.nxt is partnering with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Agricultural Sciences to drive education in data science, given its growing use in business.