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Benchmark your organisation against peers to make informed security decisions

Johannesburg, 23 May 2023

Cyber crime is a lucrative business and is on the increase. Successful attacks are still taking place that could have been prevented. The business impact of a cyber security breach can be significant and long-lasting, affecting a company's operations, financial stability, reputation and competitiveness. Wolfpack Information Risk aims to counter this by being the catalyst that drives the greatest positive cyber security change and impact on the African continent.

Wolfpack recently conducted research for the South African cyber security industry. Insight is provided into the level of maturity of information security management practices in South Africa. All stakeholders from the South African cyber security community have been invited to participate.

Research results will be released at several webinars throughout the year. These sessions will enable information security stakeholders to compare themselves to their peers to make informed decisions. Examples of key information security domains covered are governance, risk, compliance, spend, services, training and awareness and incident response.

This initiative will help to translate the impact of cyber crime into language that businesses can understand. Wolfpack intends to take the complexity out of information security to enable organisations to reduce cyber risk to their business effectively. This starts with understanding specific cyber risks and associated controls in the context of each business.

Specialist consulting is provided to help organisations effectively reduce these cyber security risks. Cyber security risk assessments are a great place to start. This establishes the foundation to implement a cyber security programme. This includes a delivery roadmap, vision and strategy to improve the cyber risk profile. Controls are recommended in three key areas: people, processes and technology. Business leadership needs to be engaged from the initiation of the programme to ensure strategic alignment of cyber security to business objectives.

Taking action now is important to reduce the likelihood and impact of a cyber breach. Register on the Information Security Thermometer webinar platform to access all the research content, visit and contact