Cyber thieves employ new tricks to rob banks

The attacks, dubbed DarkVishnya, all use an unknown device directly connected to the target's local network, says Kaspersky Lab.


The best gift is data security this holiday season

Don't neglect processes when dealing with sensitive information this Christmas, says ACS.


Pied Piper campaign targets food chains, suppliers

The Trojan gives threat actors complete access to the victim's machine, allowing them to steal files, credentials, collect screen grabs and access the camera and microphone.


Quora breach leaks data of 100m users

The Question-and-answer Web site was hacked by a malicious third party compromising user information, including encrypted passwords.

3 Dec

Marriott breach affects 500m guests

With the data of approximately half a billion customers breached, this is the largest exposure of traveller data to date, says Arxan.


CISOs in Africa stuck in 'vicious cycle of risk'

Despite the negative impact of a cyber attack, only 26% of global IT security leaders surveyed are members of the board at their respective businesses.


Cyber criminals eye Black Friday

Consumers who are caught up in the excitement of a bargain do not think about cyber security, says Arxan.

19 Nov

Hand-delivered, targeted ransomware attacks increase

Although patches for EternalBlue were issued over a year ago, it remains a firm favourite with attackers, says Sophos.


Forcepoint reveals cyber security predictions for 2019

Fifty-eight percent of Forcepoint customers are actively looking for trustworthy providers with a strong reputation for security.

Oct 24, 2018

SMEs ignore cyber security at their peril

Twenty percent of businesses that paid ransoms were targeted by ransomware attacks for a second time, says SHA.

Oct 16, 2018

Octopus Trojan disguises itself as Telegram messenger

Kaspersky has identified cyber-espionage attacks aimed at Central Asian diplomatic organisations.