POPI, GDPR will see data storage costs soar

Encryption is the only way to protect data, but encrypted data consumes significantly more storage, warns Infinidat.


Lessons to learn from the Facebook hack

This incident may become a notorious milestone of GDPR enforcement by the €EU regulators, according to High-Tech Bridge.


Thycotic's 2018 Black Hat Survey reveals hackers' easiest points of entry

Social engineering is a dominant method used by hackers for seizing privileged accounts.


Shared responsibility: What it means for your cloud data and apps

Users often mistakenly believe that the security component is carried by their cloud provider, warns Westcon.

26 Sep

Crypto-mining USB infections on the rise

Most USB devices can be converted to provide hidden storage compartments that could be used for the removal of stolen data, says Kaspersky Lab.

20 Sep

Simplifying cyber security

Do you know your malware from your phishing? Most people don't, understandably so, as the cyber-security space is constantly coming up with new phrases to describe new forms of attack - and the defences against them.

Sep 17, 2018

Mobile banking Trojan Asacub hits 40 000 per day

Asacub has held the leading position among mobile banking Trojans for the past year, says Kaspersky Lab.

Sep 17, 2018

Kaspersky debuts $10 000 cyber security contest

Students and young professionals are invited to join Secur'IT CUP and help solve complex cyber security issues.

Sep 17, 2018

Outsmarting e-mail hackers using AI, machine learning

Trend Micro's machine learning algorithms examine large volumes of data and predict if unknown file types are malicious or not.

Sep 12, 2018

Kronos comes back from the dead

The Trojan's mechanisms have been refactored to use the Tor network as a means to anonymise itself, says Securonix.