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How long before you know you've been hacked?

Most organisations in South Africa are not prepared for a malware attack.

Supply chain the new weak link in business security


The business and professional services sector has received a significant increase of attacks, particularly in the EMEA region, says a Dimension Data report.

Dealing with sophisticated, organised cyber threats

To defeat multi-vector and multi-staged attacks, companies need an integrated architectural approach, says Cisco's John Maynard.

MS Office exploits grow fourfold

Exploits are widely used by cyber criminals looking for profit, as well as by sophisticated nation-backed state actors, says Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab to move core infrastructure to Switzerland

The company has had several issues with the US government, due to its Russian origins.

Losses, not prevention, drive application security investments

10 May

Many companies acknowledge the increasing risk of application attacks, yet they are doing very little to prevent breaches from occurring, says Arxan.

Security needs new, architectural approach, urges Cisco

The architectural approach allows us to 'see it once, protect everywhere', says Cisco's John Maynard.

SynAck ransomware employs Doppelg"anging technique

8 May

This is the first time the Doppelg?nging technique has been seen in ransomware in the wild, says Kaspersky Lab.

MyCybercare debuts ID theft protection solution

8 May

More than 7.1 billion identities have been exposed in data breaches since 2010, a number that is growing daily, says MyCybercare.

Web cast: A predictive cyber security approach to ransomware protection

Watch an exclusive Webinar, co-presented by Dimension Data, Cisco Systems and Frost & Sullivan.

Kaspersky uncovers Crouching Yeti's infrastructure

The advanced persistent threat group is notorious for targeting industrial sectors around the world, especially energy facilities.

Choosing the right tools for IT security

By making savvy choices that address their priority risks first, companies can get better value and more appropriate protection, says AVeS Cyber Security.