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Inspired Testing helped software developer BET Software achieve rapid business expansion through specialised recruitment and talent augmentation.

Johannesburg, 19 Mar 2024
Becca Leslie, Director: Staff Augmentation, Inspired Testing.
Becca Leslie, Director: Staff Augmentation, Inspired Testing.

Global software testing company Inspired Testing is excited to share the success story of a software development client based on a successful talent augmentation partnership. Faced with the challenges of finding suitable talent to meet the urgency of rapid business expansion, BET Software turned to Inspired Testing’s specialised recruitment and talent augmentation for an ingenious solution.

Inspired Testing provides an extensive range of expert software testing and flexible talent augmentation services based on each client’s unique needs. BET Software provides reliable and user-friendly betting software globally and is experiencing tremendous growth in this fast-paced industry.

The traditional recruitment process was lengthy. BET Software needed high-quality software testing candidates faster than they could find, interview, appoint and integrate suitable candidates, all while their business continued to grow at a rapid pace.

“We quickly realised that the existing ‘just another number’ approach was not meeting BET Software’s requirements,” Inspired Testing’s Director: Staff Augmentation, Becca Leslie, explains. “We spent the time to make sure we clearly understood the client’s needs and built an authentic relationship, rather than just performing a check-box exercise. BET Software required high-quality candidates that could seamlessly integrate into their development teams, and to do that, the candidates needed to do more than just meet technical skills demands. By approaching this engagement as a partnership rather than just a service, we’ve surpassed their expectations and supported them on their continued journey to growth.”

Inspired Testing utilises a ground-breaking process for its technical recruitment service, to the great benefit of its clients. Realising that a more traditional and generic skills assessment does not yield the type of candidate demanded by its clients, it created a process that can quickly and efficiently be tailored to each client’s unique needs. Through close collaboration with the client and by using AI-enabled tools, each recruitment workflow is tailored to consider culture fit and other distinct aspects of suitability that are unique to each client.

Through transparent communication and feedback on candidate quality, the process was tailored to BET Software. This enabled BET Software to focus on its continued growth, comfortable in the knowledge that Inspired Testing is supporting its in-house recruitment efforts through a recruiter and delivery manager assigned to them.

“Delivering service through a skillset in software testing services to this quality rests on two pillars,” explains Izak Burger, Delivery Manager to BET Software. “On the one side, you need an excellent relationship with the client. This enables you to truly understand their requirements, company culture and how to foster clear and open communication. As Delivery Managers at Inspired Testing, we go to great lengths to get to know our clients through multiple online meetings, site visits and direct engagement with the development team. On the other side, our relationship with our consultants is vital. Because they are permanently employed by Inspired Testing, their well-being is our responsibility. We conduct performance reviews and provide training, often based on the client’s needs. Our team of expert Test Architects is always available to our consultants to assist with technical challenges. Our consultants are our biggest assets at Inspired Testing, and we strive to foster a healthy balance between them and the needs of our clients.”

The delivery managers' insights into the client, especially its company culture, as well as their in-depth knowledge of the industry the client operates in, allows them to help identify those candidates that are best suited to the client’s needs. Once identified, integrating the consultant into the client’s team is sped up and smoothed over through the close involvement of the delivery manager, who remains so throughout the client engagement. This is a dynamic process, and Inspired Testing’s delivery managers handle all consultant issues that need remediation and improvement. In the rare instance where these issues cannot be resolved, the delivery managers pave the way for a swift turnaround in substituting more suitable candidates.

Finding quality candidates is a perpetual conundrum in the software environment. This combination of client-focused delivery management and a recruitment process tailored to each client is applied with great success across multiple industries, from fintech and betting to public utilities. Parties interested in this solution may contact Director: Staff Augmentation Becca Leslie at


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