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Blue Turtle helps customers up threat intelligence game with Recorded Future

Johannesburg, 31 May 2022

Not knowing, or at least not knowing what cyber threats you are defending yourself against, is like shooting in the dark. In partnership with Recorded Future, the global threat intelligence expert, Blue Turtle Technologies will be providing visitors to the ITWeb Security Summit 2022 a front-row seat to what to expect from a premium threat intelligence platform.

"If you look at developing a security framework in a business, there are five steps: identify, protect, detect, respond and recover. Notably, the first part of this process is 'identify', and while it is the first, it's often the most neglected, which is why threat intelligence from companies like Recorded Future is so important,” says Ronnie Koch, Product Manager, Blue Turtle. “When an exploit or threat is identified, threat intelligence provides your business with the knowledge needed to take steps to ensure your business can plug potential vulnerabilities and does not fall prey to these threat actors.”

For the last decade, Recorded Future has been collecting, structuring and analysing threat data from all over the internet. Using this information, the company has created an Intelligence Graph of the world’s threats, allowing the company to turn large sums of data into actionable insights and deliver the most complete, accurate and timely threat intelligence available today. Today, Recorded Future has one of the most comprehensive reference data sets on global threats.

The Recorded Future Intelligence Graph continually tracks more than 300 state actors, 3 million criminal forum handles, and 10 000 active C2s; billions of domains, 275 million IPs and 98 000 ASNs; and monitors more than 300 000 mapped organisations, 200 000 vulnerabilities, 3.6 billion leaked credentials and 25 000 C2 victims. A non-biased platform, it uses natural language processing to classify billions of entities in 13 languages instantly. In addition, the company has intelligence products for the following areas: brand, SecOps, threat, vulnerability, third-party, geopolitical, card fraud, identity and attack surface.

“What makes the threat intelligence from Recorded Future so exciting is that it’s based on over a decade of collated data and it's not region-specific. Customers regularly ask us if our threat intelligence is relevant to South Africa because many vendors in this market only focus on what is considered large economies. Covering local sources is a game-changer,” adds Koch.

According to Koch, threat intelligence is a critical part of an organisation's security optimisation centre (SOC), as it delivers the information needed by security teams to prevent attacks by identifying the potential of a threat upfront. This allows teams to prepare in advance and take the necessary steps to prevent or remediate. This aside, using a threat intelligence solution is just good security housekeeping as it offers visibility into “what is out there” before needing to respond to it.

"There are thousands of threat intelligence feeds out there, many of which are open source, but are, unfortunately, low quality. Companies that use these feeds can hamper required business processes. For example, a company that uses a low-quality feed and hard blocks communications with this as its reference can block many of their customers, partners and suppliers' e-mails. Therefore, premium threat intelligence is so important,” he adds.

Blue Turtle and Recorded Future will be showcasing their threat intelligence solutions from 31 May to 1 June at the Sandton Convention Centre for the Johannesburg leg of the 17th annual ITWeb Security Summit, as well as on 6 June at the Century City Conference Centre for its Cape Town leg of the event.

For more information or to speak to a Blue Turtle security specialist, contact or visit