Blue Turtle locks down with IS Decisions

Johannesburg, 11 Apr 2014

Blue Turtle Technologies, an IS Decisions reseller, has extended its solutions to minimise access risks within corporate environments.

"We have extended our comprehensive security offerings with IS Decisions solutions as they address specific but very important gaps in managing the security of Microsoft Windows and Active Directory infrastructures. With effective, clearly defined and documented access policies in place, organisations can manage the internal threat and intervene with preventative and precautionary measures to eliminate the risks," comments Avash Maharaj, product manager - windows infrastructure, Blue Turtle.

"IS Decisions offers a simple way to help safeguard and secure Windows Infrastructures far beyond what's available in native Windows controls allowing to mitigate the insider threat, prevent security breaches, ensure regulatory compliance and respond to IT emergencies," adds Maharaj.

Forrester research* has shown that the greatest volume of security breaches come from employees inadvertently misusing data.


IT organisations need to deal with both malicious and careless activity from employees, ex-employees or trusted partners and implement tools in order to

* Stop attackers using stolen credentials
* Stops employees sharing logins
* Raise user security awareness
* Perform accurate IT forensics in the event of security breaches
* Optimise workstation usage
* Secure Wi-Fi sessions and BYOD environment

UserLock, is a unique software security solution that controls and secures network access for all authenticated users. It helps organisations reduce the risk of security breaches from insider threats (intentional or not), offer an immediate response to suspicious user behaviour and get compliant with major regulations by allowing to define crossed rules for user access such as: restrict the type and/or number of sessions allowed, define which devices users can connect from and even establishing maximum session's time or time quotas.

"Blue Turtle is seen as an IT leader in southern Africa with expertise and knowledge of the local market, supported by a 24x7x365 helpdesk that ensures ongoing support to customers. Their experience in the Windows environment, including migration, security and compliance management are some of the additional benefits which Blue Turtle brings to our partnership," adds Lorena Picabea, Channel Manager, IS Decisions

Large government and enterprise customers are impressed with the ease of use in a high-risk complex environment while SMB customers find IS Decisions' solutions extremely simple to set up and use.

Our IS Decisions solutions offer organisations a simple way to help secure their Windows Infrastructures and take the credit for preventing security breaches, ensuring regulatory compliance and IT's newfound time and cost-savings.

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IS Decisions, founded in 2000 and based in Biarritz, France, is a Software Vendor specialising in Infrastructure and Security Management solutions for Microsoft Windows. Software solutions developed for Network Administrators:

Secure, monitor and report on network access and user sessions
Audit access to sensitive files and folders
Perform remote installations of applications and updates across the network

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