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Blue Turtle simplifies application, data workflow orchestration with BMC Control-M

Johannesburg, 02 Jun 2023

To help companies get ahead of the constant challenges caused by digital disruptions, Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle), South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, is providing its customers access to BMC’s application and data workflow orchestration platform, Control-M.

Control-M dramatically simplifies application and data workflow orchestration for on-premises environments or as a service through its software as a service (SaaS) offering, BMC Helix Control-M. A powerful tool to better manage heterogeneous environments, its core capabilities help customers build, define, schedule, manage and monitor production workflows. Through this, users benefit from better visibility and reliability from their workflows and can improve service level agreements (SLAs).

“Our customers are under huge pressure to deliver digital applications and services but are coming undone when they need to scale data pipelines or manage disparate workflows across clouds. It’s a scenario where the conductor is missing from the symphony that is workflow orchestration,” says Harry Nicholson, Product Manager for Automation at Blue Turtle. “What we have found with BMC’s Control-M is that it empowers clients to take back control of application and data workflow orchestration by making it easier to define, schedule, manage and monitor workflows regardless of where they are hosted.”

Control-M seamlessly integrates, automates and orchestrates application and data workflows across on-premises, private and public cloud environments, ensuring the timely delivery of tasks without fail. By providing a unified interface, users can effortlessly orchestrate all their workflows, encompassing file transfers, applications, data sources and infrastructure, benefiting from an extensive array of plug-ins. Furthermore, Control-M can be quickly provisioned in the cloud, taking full advantage of the transient features offered by cloud-based services.

To address the need for the end-to-end orchestration of complex workflows across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments, Control-M offers the following functionality:

  • Complete workflow orchestration – Full remit of workflow development, scheduling, management and integration features can be run in the cloud.
  • Native support for hyperscalers – Control-M Application Integrator allows users to integrate web services (natively) across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Automated provisioning – Deliver and run an iteration of Control-M on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud in minutes.
  • Scale Dev and Ops collaboration – Leverage a Jobs-as-Code approach with REST APIs and JSON and embed the platform into the DevOps toolchain.

"Blue Turtle sees Control-M as a game-changer as it gives users the visibility of hybrid cloud environments while at the same time simplifying the data pipeline. The primary reason workflow portability and application development stalls is because of disparate data services. By providing a 360-degree view from ingestion to processing to analytics, customers can really start to unlock the power of their data. Regardless of where an application is run,” says Nicholson.

"This is essential for customers looking to port workflows and manage workflows, as well as DevOps teams who are today required to work in real-time. Notably, Control-M is not only required by one team in the business, but also essential for IT operations, DevOps and business users,” he adds.

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