BlueStar strengthens presence in SA market

Johannesburg, 26 Jun 2024
BlueStar strengthens presence in SA market.
BlueStar strengthens presence in SA market.

BlueStar, which positions itself as the leading global distributor of solutions-based digital identification, mobility, point-of-sale and RFID technologies, is proud to announce that it has been successfully operating in the South African market for over a year. The company's continued commitment to this market is reinforced by its strong partnership with Zebra Technologies, alongside other major vendors and technologies, enabling BlueStar to address diverse vertical markets.

As the premier global distributor of purpose-built technology, BlueStar provides resellers with unparalleled value-add services. When you partner with BlueStar and Zebra Technologies, you gain access to a powerhouse of opportunities to boost your business growth and maximise your profits, the company says.

This reinforced partnership is a win for all involved, especially for BlueStar's value-added resellers. BlueStar is excited to work with new and existing partners and would urge them to contact the company to discuss the below opportunities:

  • BlueStar's expertise and extensive knowledge in the industry.
  • What markets and opportunities we can address together.
  • How BlueStar adds value to your business.
  • Tools available to fuel your business growth.

BlueStar believes in going beyond traditional distribution services. Its value-adds are designed to empower you with the tools and support needed to stand out in the competitive market. From financing options to customised configuration services, BlueStar has you covered at every step of your business journey.

The company looks forward to working with you to ensure that you get the best experience and support to develop business together, delivering mutually rewarding business opportunities at the performance edge.

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