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Broadband innovation for TETRA radio by Motorola Solutions keeps frontline responders connected

Johannesburg, 22 May 2024
Motorola Solutions MXP660 lifestyle.
Motorola Solutions MXP660 lifestyle.

Motorola Solutions has unveiled its latest breakthrough in mission-critical communication technology, designed to revolutionise the way frontline responders operate. The announcement introduces the DIMETRA Connect solution and the MXP660 TETRA radio, engineered to seamlessly integrate broadband capabilities with traditional land mobile radio (LMR) networks.

The new DIMETRA Connect solution, in conjunction with the MXP660 TETRA radio, allows frontline responders to maintain uninterrupted connectivity as they navigate diverse and challenging environments. This innovation allows for automatic switching between LMR and broadband networks, ensuring continuous communication without the need for manual intervention. Whether deep inside buildings or in densely populated areas, responders can rely on this technology to stay connected to their communications lifeline, enhancing collaboration, productivity and safety.

Mogens Sandberg Brix, Division Officer and Inspector at the Greater Copenhagen Fire Department, emphasised the crucial role of automatic network switching in their missions, stating: “The ability to automatically switch from LMR to broadband when we move deep inside buildings or into heavily built-up areas is essential to our missions. Our teams can stay connected as they fight fires or navigate myriad challenging environments, without losing focus on their priority of protecting life and property.”

The DIMETRA Connect solution ensures an automatic transition between terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) and broadband networks, preserving users' preferred features and talkgroups. The MXP660 TETRA radio, equipped with built-in LTE and AI-trained background noise suppression, guarantees clear audio and extended operational range, enhancing communication effectiveness in critical situations.

Commenting on the significance of these innovations, Ildefonso De La Cruz Morales, Principal Analyst, Critical Communications at Omdia, stated: “TETRA will continue to play a central role in mission-critical voice communications for public safety agencies and enterprises. Innovations like DIMETRA Connect are enabling organisations to invest in a communications roadmap with proven, reliable LMR voice communications at the centre, leveraging broadband to extend coverage whilst reducing upfront infrastructure costs.”

Denmark’s Sikkerhedsnet (SINE) network will be among the first to deploy DIMETRA Connect to provide better security, protection and operational performance for their first responders. It is one of thousands of radio systems from Motorola Solutions, which operates single sites to scalable nationwide solutions across the world, including Austria’s TETRON Digitalfunk, Norway’s Nødnett and Portugal’s SIRESP.

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