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3 hours ago

'Be vehicles for innovation, not just channels to sell'

Emerging markets partners have a unique opportunity to innovate on top of its platform to optimise service delivery, says Cisco.

Your business needs a VPN

7 hours ago

One of the best ways to protect your data online is with a virtual private network service, says Local Profy.

SA on path to digital radio


Digital broadcasting services can improve spectrum efficiency and spectrum management, and offer choice for South African audiences, says ICASA.

Africa to US subsea cable coming soon

US-based Seaborn Networks fast-tracks the process to build an undersea cable route that directly connects SA and Brazil.

Discreet 360 all-round vision with Dallmeier

The Dallmeier MDF5400HD-DN Fisheye is a network camera with a fisheye lens especially designed to work with the image sensor.

Vox's fibre investments pay off

10 Apr

The company has seen business boom over the last year, with big plans in the fibre market for 2018, says CEO Jacques du Toit.

Cisco and Xerox boost cyber security for printers

Xerox maintains partnerships with security leaders like Cisco and McAfee to ensure it keeps its customers' data, documents and devices safe, says Tracey Koziol, Senior Vice President, Workplace Solutions Business Group Xerox.

WiFi can accelerate business... if done right

6 Apr

Wireless networks can have a poor reputation than they often deserve, which can impact relationships with customers. But this doesn't have to be the case.

Finding 5G clarity

Get up to speed on the current status of 5G in South Africa.

ProLabs takes network solution to next level

ProLabs provides connectivity expertise through solutions that are compatible with and enhance switching and transport equipment, says Anton Jacobsz, MD at Networks Unlimited.