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Call centre boom: Cape Town scores

Johannesburg, 02 Sep 2020

The call centre industry is showing growth and resilience amid this pandemic and trends indicate that Cape Town and South Africa are well-placed to provide call centre  bases for international clients.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) played a vital role in offering support services to those operating on the front line of the fight against the pandemic, with many operators working from home.

The Western Cape accounts for more than 50% of South Africa’s BPO companies and currently more than 60 000 people in the province are employed in the sector.

“Cape Town is quickly becoming the call centre hub on the continent, creating thousands of jobs in the process," says James Vos, Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management.

Universe Direct, South Africa’s largest distributor of refurbished IT equipment, is well-placed to meet the demands of the new call centre business entering South Africa, already supplying a number of the new international entrants into the market with rental refurbished hardware.

The growth trend has created the need for a pipeline of skilled talent to meet the growing demand and the Cape Town municipality has been the first to receive funding from the National Skills Fund to undertake the training.

The decision to buy refurbished hardware often comes down to return on investment. International call centre companies that use refurbished equipment know that it's possible to buy or rent IT equipment in good to like-new condition without sacrificing quality, reliability or performance, says Andrew Craig, owner of Universe Direct.

Universe Direct is South Africa’s largest distributor of refurbished IT equipment and we pride ourselves on our ongoing guarantee of both equipment on-site and remote service.


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