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Cameyo, ASG Africa extend virtual application delivery for remote work to Microsoft Azure customers throughout MEA

Customers can now utilise Cameyo to provide access to any Windows or internal Web app on any device from within Azure.

Cary, N.C., 07 Jul 2020

Cameyo, the virtual application delivery platform that delivers Windows and internal Web applications to any device from the browser without the need for VPNs, today announced it has partnered with ASG Africa, a premier IT solutions and services provider, to make Cameyo available to all organisations throughout Africa and the Middle East on Microsoft Azure. Organisations that need to provide their people with secure access to Windows and internal Web apps from the browser can now experience all of the benefits of Cameyo within their own instance of Azure.

“ASG Africa has a long history of working with large enterprises to meet their digital transformation, remote work and legacy application migration needs,” said Vaughn Atkins, Sales Manager at ASG Africa. “Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform is a key enabler of all three of those trends, making it extremely simple and cost-productive to provide access to legacy applications on any device, from the browser. And as Azure becomes the cloud platform of choice for many organisations, this enables us to give our Azure customers – and those looking to move to Azure – the best possible experience with Cameyo.”

Together, ASG Africa and Cameyo are helping organisations of all sizes enable:

  • Remote work and the modern workplace – Whether organisations are looking for immediate solutions to enable fully remote teams or long-term solutions that support a hybrid office/home workplace after COVID-19, Cameyo ensures all employees maintain access to their business-critical applications from anywhere. And Cameyo’s NoVPN capabilities deliver both Windows and internal Web apps to any device without the need for VPNs.
  • Digital transformation – As organisations shift to the cloud, they still need to provide people with access to the critical legacy Windows applications they need to stay productive – even if those apps haven’t been Web-enabled. Unlike virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS) products that take months to deploy and saddle organisations with ongoing cost and complexity, Cameyo can be deployed in hours for a fraction of the cost.

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Legacy application modernisation – Cameyo enables independent software providers (ISVs) to deliver their legacy software as a service with zero development. Cameyo also helps them automate the sales process by giving customers instant access to software free trials from the Web, with no downloads or installation required.

Bring your own Azure

“Cameyo is a built-for-the-cloud virtual application delivery platform, and as such, has always worked seamlessly in any environment,” said Andrew Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Cameyo. “Organisations throughout MEA are adopting Azure to enable large-scale remote work today, but also to prepare for the ‘new normal’ after COVID-19. By extending our advanced features that were previously only available in our fully hosted service to Azure, ASG Africa’s customers can now experience the full cost savings, enhanced user experience, and infrastructure reduction benefits of Cameyo while bringing their own existing Azure cloud – or by working with ASG to move to Azure.”

Beginning today, ASG Africa customers can experience the following benefits of Cameyo:

  • Greater control and compliance – Simplified compliance for organisations in highly regulated industries by utilising Cameyo within their own instance of Azure.
  • Cost savings – With Cameyo advanced provisioning, Azure customers have access to features like elasticity and usage optimisation to dynamically spin servers up and down based on demand and automatically move servers into hibernation mode, ensuring organisations don’t pay for 24/7 servers when they aren’t being used.
  • Enhanced user experience – Cameyo’s Session Sync technology enables a user’s settings and files to follow them from session to session, ensuring a seamless user experience. And because Cameyo enables users to experience the full desktop version of their applications directly from the browser, users have nothing new to learn.
  • Infrastructure reduction – Unlike VDI, which increases the infrastructure you need to manage, and therefore the cost and complexity, Cameyo’s cloud-native platform reduces infrastructure and costs by up to 80% compared to Citrix/VDI.
  • Increased security – By separating applications from the OS and making them available via the browser, Cameyo helps ensure that malware on the user’s machine doesn’t have access to their application sessions. And Cameyo’s RDP Port Shield technology proactively protects customers from RDP vulnerabilities that can lead to brute force attacks and ransomware.

Getting started

Any organisation can get started with Cameyo in minutes by loading the applications they want to publish to their users to the Cameyo platform. Cameyo seamlessly integrates with Office 365, G Suite, Okta, Ping ID and most Single Sign-On (SSO) providers, giving organisations the ability to manage authentication, permissions, users and groups with no additional work. Once published, the organisation’s users can securely access all of these legacy Windows apps from the browser, enabling them to utilise the apps on any device. Users can start work on one device and finish on another thanks to Cameyo’s Session Sync technology that provides data resiliency across sessions.

Pricing and availability

For organisations throughout MEA, Cameyo is available via ASG Africa immediately. For organisations looking to move to Azure, ASG Africa can get them set up on local instances of Azure depending on location. For organisations in South Africa, ASG Africa will be working with Tarsus on Demand, a world-class indirect CSP provider, to provide a local version of Azure. Please contact ASG Africa by going to


ASG Africa

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Cameyo is a cloud-native virtual application delivery platform that enables the secure delivery of Windows and internal web applications to any device from the browser without the need for VPNs. By enabling organizations to provide their people with access to the business-critical apps they need to stay productive from anywhere, Cameyo helps make Remote Work, work. Hundreds of enterprises and organizations utilize Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform to deliver Windows and internal web applications to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. To learn more, visit