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Johannesburg, 02 May 2024
Delivering solutions that empower legal professionals.
Delivering solutions that empower legal professionals.

As the legal industry faces increasingly complex challenges, Canon is committed to delivering solutions that empower legal professionals. Drawing insights from an industry survey conducted across the CEE region, Israel and Uzbekistan, Canon’s cloud-based offering answers the pressing needs of law firms and notaries in the digital age.

Empowering legal excellence

Canon's Smart Cloud Solutions are tailor-made to transform legal practices by addressing legal professionals' unique challenges. These solutions offer a lifeline to legal firms seeking to streamline operations, enhance data security and provide exceptional client service.

Challenges transformed into opportunities

The survey findings align seamlessly with the challenges Canon's solutions tackle:

  • Deadline management: Canon's solutions optimise workflows, ensuring efficient task management and adherence to critical deadlines.
  • Secure data processing (GDPR) and data sharing in remote work environment: Our technology enables secure data management, facilitating compliance with GDPR and safe remote collaboration.
  • Paper archiving: Canon's digital document solutions eliminate the limitations of physical archiving, reducing costs and improving document retrieval efficiency.
  • Document version control: With Canon, maintaining control over document versions is effortless, ensuring legal accuracy and compliance.
  • Remote working: Cloud solutions enable employees to perform tasks in traditional and remote offices, sharing instantly documents across different teams.

Frederik Moller, Business Development Manager (Canon SA), says: “We recognise the specific needs of the legal industry and understand how important it is for law firms to work productively to protect confidential documents. We strongly believe our document management solutions and managed print services can add tremendous value to legal professionals.”

Comprehensive solutions for the legal industry

Canon's commitment to legal excellence encompasses a range of specialised solutions that help release administrative burdens and work more efficiently:

  • Contract management: Streamline the entire contract life cycle, from drafting and review to negotiation.
  • Invoice processing: Take control of your cashflow – save time, boost productivity and have peace of mind thanks to a robust audit trail.
  • Digital archive: Ensure compliance with legal regulations while simplifying document archiving and retrieval in a highly secure environment.
  • Digital mailroom: Effectively manage client inquiries and communication with third parties.
  • Secure document management: Safeguard confidential client data with robust security features and ensure compliance with regulations in the office and remotely. Control your document workflows when printing and scanning.

Canon is a complete solution provider, relieving firms of administrative burdens in these core business processes, empowering legal professionals to excel in their field and focus on what they do best – offering legal advice.

Discover Canon's Smart Cloud Solutions for the legal industry

Explore how Canon's innovative solutions can elevate your legal practice by tackling the most common challenges encountered.

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Canon is constantly redefining the world of imaging for the greater good. Through its technology and spirit of innovation, it pushes the bounds of what is possible – helping to see our world in ways we never have before.

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