Capitec voted best bank in the world

Johannesburg, 22 Mar 2016

International banking advisory group Lafferty has ranked Capitec Bank as the best bank in the world in its inaugural 2016 Bank Quality Rankings.

Lafferty uses a combination of both financial and non-financial disclosures to determine the quality of the organisations and their respective business models. Among the indicators analysed are strategy, culture, customer satisfaction, executing brand promises and other criteria. Lafferty Group founder and chief executive Michael Lafferty says: "Our aim is to promote excellence in banking - for customers, staff, communities, society at large and not least for bank shareholders and investors."

Emerge Queue is proud to be associated with Capitec through its adoption of Qmatic Customer Journey Management solutions. Carl Fischer, Executive Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Capitec Bank, says about Qmatic: "In alignment with Capitec Bank's focus on accessibility and personal service, the customer experience system from Qmatic supports more orderly, efficient service - with capability to minimise waiting times and any inconveniences experienced by customers."

Eugene Swanepoel, Managing Director of Emerge Queue, says: ''We were delighted when Capitec was announced as best bank in the world, but not surprised. Their commitment to customers is inspiring and we believe that their application of Customer Journey Management solutions is one of the best in the world." He further says: "Qmatic combines a passion for creating remarkable customer experiences with a constant pursuit of next-level capabilities. We are extremely pleased that our solutions has assisted Capitec in their pursuit towards excellence in banking."

Emerge Queue is the sole provider of Qmatic customer experience solutions in South Africa, as well as other neighbouring countries. It is a Qmatic Premium partner and the market leader in South Africa. For more information on any of its products and services, please visit Emerge Queue's Web site at or contact it at